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Although many men are annoyed by the female passion for television series, the fair sex does not give up – they are ready to devote all their free time to watching these multiseries films. But psychologists have long supported women in this matter, explaining the female passion for watching TV shows by the need to get those impressions and sensations that a woman does not receive in life.

Favorite female TV series

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  1. Undoubtedly, the leader of views and the winner of ratings among female TV series for all the years of their existence is the series “Sex and the City” (Sex and the city)… This cult American film, consisting of 6 seasons (94 episodes), was based on the book of the same name by Candace Bushnell. The heroines of the film are four friends, over thirty – forty years old, who have significant differences in outlook on life, in ways of dealing with emerging problems, in the manner of communication. This series is a revelation about the most secret spheres of women’s life, about the soul, desires, hopes of different women, about relationships with men, mistakes and ways to solve them. The series “Sex and the City” contains both very romantic scenes and humor, it is recommended for viewing by adult women.
  2. Russian TV series “Women’s dreams of distant countries” is liked by many women, and is considered one of the best crime series films of our time. The action of this film is based on a mix of feelings, detective, crime, adventure and romance. The financier Vadim, who received a very important task from the management – to deliver a large amount of money to Sochi, finds himself in a difficult situation in which his beloved girl deceives him and steals the money entrusted to him. Vadim has to find Galina himself, and at the same time hide from his employers and justice, because he is a fugitive without money and documents, suspected of stealing a large amount of company money.
  3. American TV series “Desperate Housewives” (Desperate Housewives) even men watch with pleasure. It cannot be called a “soap opera” in any way. The focus is on four women, housewives seeking happiness in their personal lives. The action of the series takes place in a quiet and very cozy suburb, where a calm, prosperous life takes place without any special events. But one day a terrible incident bursts into the measured life of our heroines – the murder of a common friend Mary Alice Young. Four housewives open their own investigation and look for the cause of their friend’s death, masterfully solving all the problems in their path.
  4. Domestic, Russian TV series “The personal life of Dr. Selivanova” was created exclusively by a female team of screenwriters, and tells about the everyday life and personal life of an ordinary woman – a gynecologist Selivanova. This melodrama, in which both comedy and detective are very closely intertwined, tells not only about Selivanova’s work, but also about her personal life. The doctor always tries to help her patients, listen to them, delve into all the problems and women’s secrets, and at the same time she sometimes has to literally defend the interests of the patients, defend them. Doctor Selivanova also needs to solve very difficult questions of his personal life, look for a reliable loving man and wait for love.
  5. TV series “Margosha”, Russia, is a melodrama and a comedy. The film tells about the adventures and adventures in the life of the womanizer Gosha, whose life at one moment becomes completely different. Gosha very much offended his girlfriend Karina, whom he once abandoned. Having lost feelings and interest in her. Karina decided to take revenge on Gaucher, and asked for the help of the sorceress, and she turned the young man into a girl. After this transformation, Gosha’s life became a nightmare – he had to adapt to existence in a female body, with his male mentality, to save a career, to get acquainted with the peculiarities of a purely female life.
  6. Russian TV series “Father’s daughters” is a comedy series recommended for family viewing. The hero of this series, a professional psychotherapist, finds himself in a very difficult situation. His wife, the mother of five wonderful daughters, leaves for another country, with another man, with whom she has fallen passionately in love. From now on, the psychotherapist has to solve the problems of his noisy and restless family, try to organize life, because all his daughters do not want to cook, clean and study. He tries to establish contact with all the daughters, but this is very difficult to do, because they have such complex characters!
  7. Russian TV series “Mothers and Daughters” refers to the classic melodramas that women love to watch. The film tells about the relationship that develops between Irina Yarskaya and Lilia Subbotina. Actually, women’s uneasy relationships are not uncommon in life, but the apogee of this series falls on the main dramatic event – the meeting of a mother with her daughter, which these women are – but they do not know about it. The series is permeated with hysterical notes of female despair, but it is filled with hope for a successful search for a loved one.
  8. Russian TV series “Do not be born beautiful” also belongs to the genre of melodrama, women are very eager to watch it. Katya Pushkareva is the main character of this film, she is trying to build her career in one rather large company. Falling in love with her own boss, the girl suddenly finds out that her feelings and trust in other people have been cruelly betrayed. She tries to rectify the consequences of a devastating betrayal, and implements her own developed plan, which she succeeds well. Katya becomes a successful, self-confident girl, with hopes and prospects for the future, as well as happiness in her personal life.
  9. TV series “Balzac’s age, or all men have their own …” became a favorite Russian classics in its genre. Four girlfriends, who have already passed the brink of young age, are trying to find the man of their dreams and arrange their personal life. According to the plot of the melodrama, they all make typical female mistakes, getting burned and disappointed. The problems that are touched upon in this series will certainly be familiar to every woman. That is why the film is so close to the female audience. In this series, there are also comedic notes that allow you to watch this series easily, without “tearing”, just enjoying the plot and noting one or another successful solution to problems for your real life.
  10. Russian comedy series “My Fair Nanny” fell in love with women, he was literally dismantled into quotes and pearls. This film was based on the plot of the American TV series of the same name. The heroine of the film, Vika Prutkovskaya, worked in her fiance’s store in Moscow until he deceived her, literally putting her out of work. Wanting to start a new life, Vika finds a new place of work – a nanny in the family of a music producer. The film is full of melodramatic as well as comedic notes, it makes you laugh, worry, think about your own life.
  11. TV series “Charmed” (Charmed) refers to mystical detectives, with notes of comedy, melodrama, drama. The main characters of the film are three sisters who, by the will of fate, live in the house of their deceased grandmother, and at first were not on the best terms. Once the sisters, after a seance, find an old “Book of Sacraments” in the attic. Having uttered a spell, they acquire a magical gift, which they will henceforth use to unravel various life tasks, detective stories and problems. They are ready to resist Evil on earth, and they devote their abilities to the struggle for good, truth, justice, love. Fighting with Evil, witches become an object for attacks on them by Sorcerers, Demons, who sometimes appear in human form.
  12. Russian TV series “Love is like love” women like their “similarity” with real life, because many recognize in the plots the events and excitements of their own lives. The action takes place in one of the Russian cities. The film tells about the difficult fate of two generations of the Lobov family – Tatiana and Platon, as well as their three daughters and one son. Each of this family has their own secret, their own life and truth, which they try in every possible way to prove and defend in front of the rest of the family.
  13. Russian TV series “Happy together” is a comedy film consisting of many film series with separate funny stories. This series tells about the life of one average Bukin family, in which a son and a daughter are brought up. A lot of exciting and funny stories, brilliant acting makes this series very enjoyable to watch when you just want to relax, get positive and positive emotions.
  14. Gripping TV series “Poor Nastya” with a historical plot is a melodrama, a drama filmed by filmmakers from the United States and Russia. This beautiful film is set in the 19th century. The serf girl, who was loved by the elderly baron and raised like a daughter, showed great promise, shining on the theater stage. The further action of this series is full of intrigues, loud revelations, duels, but love runs through the whole plot.
  15. Russian TV series-drama “Efrosinya” does not leave indifferent any spectator. The action of this serial film takes place in a city where a girl accidentally falls, who was brought up by her grandparents all her life, living with them in a remote taiga. It will be very difficult for Euphrosyne to understand this world, unknown to her, and even more so – to accept it into her life.
  16. Russian TV series “Unequal marriage” (melodrama) tells about the emotional anguish of the girl Alice, who agreed to a marriage of convenience only because she wanted to help her father pay off debts. The former lover of Alice, the boxer Yegor, turned out to be betrayed by her, because she exchanged his love for the money of a mature unloved man. The plot of this film includes everything – love, jealousy, and treason, the series awakens feelings and emotions, makes you think about the most important thing in life.

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