Bob Dylan and the secrets of his personal life

Some celebrities remain a mystery to the public throughout their lives. Perhaps this is for the best, since a person has the opportunity to enjoy the life of a mere mortal, and not a popular star who is not given a passage. Singer Bob Dylan is one of the few who prefers to completely hide from the public eye.

What impressed Bob Dylan about his first wife?

Bob Dylan

The singer led such an isolated life that no one knew that he was married and raising a daughter. He married a second time in 1986, but information about this came out only in 2001. By that time, the couple had been divorced for more than ten years.

For the first time, Bob Dylan married fashion model Sarah Lowndes in 1965. The musician’s biographer Robert Shelton wrote that in Sarah “There was a gypsy spirit, it seemed that she was wise beyond her years and knew a lot about ancient rituals and folklore.” Dylan adopted her daughter Maria, and later they had four more children. However, ten years later, Sarah filed for divorce, accusing her husband of violence.

Bob Dylan and Sarah Lounds

During the divorce, Sarah received half of all royalties for the songs that Dylan wrote during their marriage, but on one condition that she would never say a word about their life together. The total compensation for the ex-wife was $ 36 million.

Second, even more secret marriage

Carolyn Dennis, who was once Dylan’s backing vocalist, became his wife in June 1986. Nobody knows anything about their love story and the development of their relationship. Dylan kept this marriage and the existence of Desiree’s daughter a secret for 15 years.

The musician simply bought Carolyn a house in the suburbs of Los Angeles and secretly visited her. Six years later, the couple divorced, and no one knew about this either. There are persistent rumors that Dylan actually has many more wives and children.

Carolyn Dennis

Carolyn confirmed that they were married:

“Bob and I made the decision not to advertise our marriage for a very simple reason – so that our daughter had a normal childhood. Portraying Bob as a monster is ridiculous and ridiculous. He has always been and is a wonderful father for Desiree. “

Revelations of loved ones

Dylan’s inner circle believes that the singer is not at all a hermit, as everyone imagines him. Howard Sones, another biographer of the singer, described his life as follows:

“He mostly lives on the road, giving about 100 concerts a year and traveling 10 months out of 12. In the summer, Dylan has a month off, which he spends with his children and grandchildren in Malibu. In the middle of winter, he is on vacation at his country house in Minnesota. His brother, by the way, lives next door. When the kids were young, Bob Dylan would put them in his old pickup truck and they would go to the movies or go ice skating. He is not a hermit, but he is, of course, an atypical representative of show business. “

Bob Dylan with his son

And the singer’s son once said about his father like this:

“No matter what he was as a husband, we children love him. As a child, he was almost a god to me. I admired my father and we got along very well. He never missed a single game of mine and was proud of the goals I scored. And he still loves me now, but he certainly doesn’t want people to be aware of his private life. “

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