Bodyflex exercises for weight loss. Lose weight with body flex

The problem of excess weight, obsession with losing weight, losing at least a couple of extra pounds is almost every woman. But at the same time, someone leaves it at the level of ideas, not trying to implement it, while someone is actively looking for effective methods. For those women who want to get in good physical shape, lose weight, and at the same time improve their health, there is “Bodyflex” (body flex).

What is bodyflex? History of occurrence and features

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In dry terms, “body flex” is a special program for body correction, burning fat in body tissues and exercises for those muscle groups that remain passive most of the time.

“Bodyflex” is exercises of a completely different – deeper – breathing in a certain system, as well as stretching exercises. Unlike all other similar techniques, this program is very easy to learn and use, therefore it is now steadily popular.

There are more and more adherents of this technique every day, because people involved in body flex demonstrate amazing results to others. The essence of the “Bodyflex” technique is that with a certain breathing and stretching exercises oxygen is more active and better penetrates the tissues of the body – and, as you know, oxygen has an excellent ability to burn fat.

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The essence of the bodyflex method for losing weight

Any woman who has ever experienced the stress of training in the gym, or followed any strict diet aimed at losing weight, gaining health and good physical shape, knows that weight loss is a very difficult and sometimes “painful” process.

In the process of training and dieting, you have to overcome your strengths, clench your will into a fist and set very strict restrictions in your life so that you do not gain weight again. The beauty of a woman is constant work on herself, especially when nature has not endowed with a stately figure or a good metabolism.

Women of age are very limited in their choice of diets and workouts – fatigue, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and the musculoskeletal system affect. And most of all, it is a shame when the achieved result suddenly disappears – weight is gained again, health malfunctions as soon as a woman stops actively playing sports and dieting.

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The main essence of Bodyflex gymnastics is the setting of correct diaphragmatic breathing.

As you know, women, when breathing, expand the chest to the sides, and men breathe with a “diaphragm” – therefore, breathing is “female” and “male”. Female breathing is due to the fact that a woman, carrying a child, simply cannot breathe with the diaphragm, so as not to affect the growing fetus. The Bodyflex technique tells us that we have to learn the correct diaphragmatic breathing – to take a deep breath, then exhale fully and then draw in the stomach, holding our breath for ten minutes. After this, an inhalation should follow, followed by relaxation. But the essence of gymnastics consists not only in breathing, but also in the selection of special exercises to enhance the effect, accelerate metabolism in tissues, oxygen metabolism, and breakdown of fat cells.

The set of exercises in gymnastics “Bodyflex” is divided into three groups:

  1. Exercises isometric, which are aimed at one specific muscle group, training only one part of the body (abs, calves, etc.)
  2. Isotonic exercises, which are aimed at training several muscle groups (general exercises – squats, bends, turns, etc.)
  3. Stretching exerciseswhich are designed to increase the elasticity of the muscles in the body and improve the function of the joints. Thanks to this group of exercises, a woman can forget about osteoporosis and never experience unpleasant cramps, involuntary contractions of facial muscles.

Why do they lose weight with body flex?

As we noted above, bodyflex causes an increased flow of oxygen to all tissues and organs of the body, which allows fat cells to quickly break down. Moreover, the fat in the tissues is broken down into various components – carbon dioxide, water, energy. As a result of this gymnastics, all fat breakdown products are removed from the body very easily. Women who begin to engage in body flex, note that they have the urge to urinate much more often per day, the stool is normalized – this is another positive factor that plays a very important role in the breakdown of fat in the human body.

It is very important that body flex becomes not just another newfangled gymnastics in the life of a woman who wants to get rid of excess weight, but a way of her life. It is very easy to perform the methodology and exercises – as we have already said, this will require no more than 15 minutes of free time every day. Body flexing is not a reason to go on a diet, but a woman who is trying to improve her health and get rid of excess weight should reconsider her diet in the direction of healthy foods rich in vitamins, fresh fruits, vegetables, light and non-nutritive.

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