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Many will agree that it can be very difficult to stick to one style of clothing all the time. It is impossible to walk in the same formal suits and classic dresses throughout your life. If you are tired of the same type of blouses, then the boho style is for you. This style of clothing allows you to combine the incompatible and reveal tenderness, sensuality and freshness in a woman.

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The magic of boho style in women's clothing 2021/2022 - photos and stylist's recommendations
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The history and features of the boho style

Boho is a style of clothing that has nothing to do with a strict office dress code. This style always remains fashionable, although it has nothing to do with fashion. Boho is the flow of life, freedom, beauty

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So what is boho style?

The magic of boho style in women's clothing 2021/2022 - photos and stylist's recommendations
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  • The boho style became popular in 2000, when the famous British model Kate Moss tired of designer models and preferred comfort in clothes.
    Boho style was immediately taken up by the famous design houses of America and Great Britain – every fashionista had clothes of this style in her wardrobe.
  • but this style was founded much earlier, in Bohemia… Previously, gypsies lived there – a people distinguished for their love of freedom.
    This character trait of the Gypsy people is reflected in the clothes – it is free, bright and does not hinder movement.
  • Boho style – no prohibitions, conventions and complete freedom – both in drawing and ornament, and in the cut of clothing.
  • This style combines several different directions in clothes at the same time.
    These styles include vintage, colonial, military, safari, gypsy, hippie, eclectic and ethnic style.
  • Boho can include materials such as velvet, lace, corduroy, mohair and jacquard… Often meet ruffles, pleats, embroidered patterns – this is the basis of this style, thanks to which a girl dressed in boho style is very easy to recognize in the crowd.

Boho style in women’s clothing – photo

Despite the fact that this style of clothing came from society, and not from the covers of fashion magazines, this did not stop the fashion designer from creating entire collections with boho-style outfits.

  • The core of the boho style – convenience, fantasy, natural fabrics, brightness and layering and airiness.
The magic of boho style in women's clothing 2021/2022 - photos and stylist's recommendations
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  • Distinctive features: underskirts, high waist of trousers, voluminous and oversized things, large and even huge jewelry, long skirts, knitted items, large embroidery, bright color prints.
  • Natural fabrics. Most often, the boho style is characterized by such fabrics as silk, fur, corduroy, leather, wool, suede, chiffon, jeans, knitwear, cotton, velvet and linen.
  • Layering. This style is characterized by fluffy skirts and a large amount of clothing (“a la cabbage”).
    It can be a top, over which a loose T-shirt is worn, then a tight vest, and on top of it a loose cardigan, belted with a wide belt. This is the real boho style.
  • Comfortable shoes. There is no stiletto heel or overly high heels in this style. The maximum that can be present is a wedge heel or a platform.
    Most often, girls wear ballet flats, moccasins or regular summer shoes.
  • A large number of bright accessories. A variety of pendants, large earrings, necklaces, scarves, scarves, long large beads, headbands, scarves, large glasses and a huge number of bracelets that are worn at the same time – this is exactly what is characteristic of Boho-style outfits.
  • Lack of neon (acidic) shades in clothes.
    It is based on natural colors found in endless fields and tropical jungles.
The magic of boho style in women's clothing 2021/2022 - photos and stylist's recommendations
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  • Pattern. Most often, on clothes in Boho style, you can find a check, floral prints, ethnic patterns, avant-garde and eclecticism.
    All these colors are perfectly combined with each other and can be combined.
  • The size. It is believed that this style is huge in size, but its distinctive feature is femininity, so you can often find huge shapeless sweaters that are tied at the waist, which immediately emphasizes the girl’s figure.

How to wear boho style clothes

Every year boho style changes and acquires new features, which makes it more unique. Many people think this style looks sloppy – but it doesn’t. This stylistic solution looks fresh and neat. – unless, of course, you overdo it with the number of bright accessories.

The magic of boho style in women's clothing 2021/2022 - photos and stylist's recommendations
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  • On a walk
    If you are going for a walk with a friend or children, then the clothes of this style will suit you best.
    Such clothes do not hinder movement, do not tire, do not rub and do not press. You feel confident and free in it.
  • At work
    Yes, this style is acceptable when visiting the office, as it can be classic as well.
    You just need to reduce the amount of ruffle, use slightly muted tones and make sure that things are in harmony with each other and are not too bright.
  • While shopping
    This style allows you to feel free, both outdoors and indoors.
    They are loose enough clothing, extremely comfortable while shopping.
  • Houses. Undoubtedly, boho is a chic style, but that doesn’t make it any less cozy.

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