Boyfriend jeans and girlfriend jeans – how are boyfriend different from girlfriend and who are they going to?

What to wear boyfriend and girlfriend jeans withToday jeans have become an indispensable item in everyone’s wardrobe: they are practical, provide slimness to female legs, and also emphasize the grace of the figure. And with modern jeans it is possible (and necessary!) To create original LOOK’i, which cannot be achieved with ordinary trousers.

For example, jeans called “girlfriend and boyfriend”, which recently poured into the Russian market.

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  1. What are boyfriend jeans?
  2. Girlfriend jeans and how they differ from boyfriend
  3. What to wear a boyfriend with?
  4. Stylish images with girlfriend

Photo of boyfriend jeans – what do boyfriend models look like, and what type of figure are they suitable for?

As the name implies, this model is a jeans of a man’s cut and, again, a man’s style. If you do not think about “fu, how unfeminine” and “what a bad manners!”, Then we get universal jeans that in the most magical way slim absolutely any figure.

Jeans boyfriend

Boyfriend jeans

So, what makes boyfriend jeans different from other models, and who will they suit perfectly?

  • These jeans look a little hooligan, but this rough style adds charm to active and confident girls.
  • The key distinctive detail of the jeans is the repetition of the cut of men’s trousers, so you don’t even have to look for “boyfriends” appetizingly fitting your legs. The model should look as if you took them off your young man – a little too big, a little hanging on the hips and a little twisted.
  • The model looks especially impressive if you make small, but rather tight “tackles” on the ankles. This will unload the image a little and add femininity to it.
  • On various models, there may be such decorative elements as cuts, cuts, and maybe even tears from the thigh down to the ankle itself (but it is better, of course, not to abuse them).

Who is it for?

Ideal for slender beauties.

But real miracles work these jeans with curvy young ladies with a body type called “hourglass”. Namely, they stretch the upper body and visually slim the legs.

Girlfriend jeans – how are they different from boyfriend jeans?

Well, now – about the model who, with someone’s light hand, has already been nicknamed “Newly made boyfriends.”

Indeed, there are practically no external differences between these two models. Despite the fact that the fit is different for the models.

Girlfriend jeans

Girlfriend jeans


  • Jeans “girlfriend” are, in fact, the same “boyfriends”, but more feminine and laconic. They feature a taller fit and narrower legs.
  • From the “boyfriends” in the model, only a baggy style remained, which is now suitable only, perhaps, for girls with ideal, practically model figures. Otherwise, the model will visually shorten and enlarge (in breadth) the figure.

Desired for this particular model of jeans?

Get ready for the fact that you will have to give up long outerwear (approx. – visually, this will further shorten the figure).

Stop, as experts advise, on croptops, or tuck your shirts (etc.) into jeans.

Fashion ideas for remodeling jeans in a wardrobe

How to wear boyfriend jeans – trendy bows with boyfriends

The style of boyfriends allows them to be worn with absolutely all items of the basic wardrobe, however, there are still several especially winning combinations:

  • Sneakers. Yes, yes, it is with sneakers that the model looks most impressive, despite a certain sportiness of the style. The main condition is that sneakers must necessarily open the ankle.
  • High heels. The classic version – pumps – will allow you to create a very feminine and light image. Add to which you can add a classic blazer (then no one will tell you for sure that you are in a hurry, going on a date or a walk).
  • Coat. Very stylish and possible: sneakers, “boyfriends” and loose-fitting coats. Almost a classic of our time, which cannot be ignored. The main nuance: the maximum coat length is up to the knee. Anything below will shorten and mercilessly cut the figure.
  • Shirt. It all depends on the scale of your imagination. If you want – choose a classic blouse, if you want – a fashionable plaid, optionally – for release or tucked into jeans. There is an opportunity to play with the texture. For example, choose an openwork sconce for a transparent beautiful blouse.
  • Croptop. Quite an interesting option: skin-tight croptop and fashionable jeans for men. We complete the look with low converse – and voila, all the compliments – only to you.

What can a boyfriend wear with jeans?

What can a boyfriend wear with jeans?

How to choose pants and jeans by body type correctly?

What to wear with girlfriend jeans – stylish looks with girlfriends

Unfortunately, despite the greater percentage of girlfriends’ femininity, there are not so many options for advantageous combinations in clothes.

But they are:

  • Tucking clothes into jeans. And it doesn’t matter what exactly – a blouse, a shirt, a T-shirt or something else. The most important thing is that the main line of the denim waist is not visually lost.
  • Croptop. He’s there again, because he looks extremely advantageous with jeans of this cut and adds a little playfulness to the image, thanks to the gap between the croptop and the jeans themselves.
  • High heels. The basic rule is the same – the ankle must be open! You can experiment with the height or even the thickness of the heel, the look of the shoe or its decor, but your ankles should see everything.
  • Jacket. You can call this look classic if you carefully complement it with stiletto heels or classic ankle boots.

How to wear girlfriends jeans

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