Bre Pettis Net Worth

It is not known how much Bre Pettis has net worth. It is believed to be in the range of $851025847 as of 2022. The multi-artist and entrepreneur is renowned for his DIY video podcasts on MAKE, which were also featured in a History Channel pilot. His accomplishments include founding NYC Resistor, a hacker space in Brooklyn, and co-founding MakerBot Industries, which creates robots. However, the net worth of Bre Pettis is currently unknown, although it is expected to increase in the next few years.

Pettis joined Stratasys and started a startup company called Bre & Co. Located in Brooklyn Navy Yard, it produces ceramics and other high-end manufactured goods. Within a year and a half, Bre & Co closed its doors and packed its gear and 3-D printers into storage. This explains how much money Pettis has invested in his companies. Nevertheless, he continues to be an important voice in the tech industry and has worked with some of the world’s most successful companies.

Bre Pettis earns an estimated $0.3 per day through his YouTube channel. He earns $1.2 per 1000 views and has over nine hundred thousand subscribers. YouTube reports that his average video view is 79. Since starting, he has made nearly $80K through his YouTube channel. Bre Pettis’ average income varies depending on language and price. It is important to update his stats regularly as the data on his channel may change.

If MakerBot Industries succeeds, Bre Pettis’ net wealth will likely rise dramatically. He co-founded the company with his co-founders Zach Smith and Adam Mayer. Pettis is now a global ambassador for personal manufacturing. His company currently holds 20 percent of the $2B 3D printing market and his vision for the future is to transform the world.

In the early days of Other Machine, Pettis’ office was in a low brick building, sunlit by floor-to-ceiling windows. Although Pettis continues to live in Brooklyn, he flies to Berkeley on a monthly basis and sleeps in an Airbnb. He is still learning how to be a boss, but not a CEO. It’s a constant dance between him and Applestone.

Bre Pettis’ net worth is estimated at about $30 million. The entrepreneur sold MakerBot to Stratasys, and is now purchasing Other Machine. Unlike the MakerBot acquisition, Other Machine has been independent for several years, avoiding outside influences. The acquisition, however, is a great opportunity to grow the company as Pettis has been a long-standing friend in the maker community. If this happens, Pettis’ net worth will more than double.

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