Breech presentation of the fetus – types, causes, consequences

Breech presentation of the fetusDuring the entire period of pregnancy, children turn over in the uterus several times. At 23 weeks of gestation, the fetus takes a head-down position and remains in this position until delivery. This is the correct position. But there are situations when the baby is head up – this position of the baby in the uterus is called breech presentation of the fetus.

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What does breech presentation mean?

If the pregnancy is multiple, there are even more prerequisites for a breech presentation of one or more fetuses, and in each case the obstetrician-gynecologist always faces the question of choosing adequate methods of pregnancy management and delivery.

Breech presentation of the fetus is the abnormal position of the baby in the uterus. In this case, the legs are located towards the “exit”, and the head – up.

There are several types of breech presentation of the fetus:

  • When the baby’s buttocks are above the bosom, and the legs of the fruit are extended along the body, this is breech presentation;
  • When the legs of the fetus are directed to the “exit” – this foot presentation;
  • When the legs and buttocks are located close to the mommy’s pelvis, this is mixed presentation;
  • When the bent knees of the baby are adjacent to the mother’s pelvis, this is knee presentation

Breech presentation of the fetus

This problem affects only 7% of pregnant women. Usually, with breech presentation, the number of caesarean section… If you ignore the advice of doctors and insist on independent childbirth, the baby can be born injured.

Why does breech presentation occur?

Exists several reasons for this phenomenon:

  • The uterus reduces its excitability;
  • The uterus reduces tone;
  • Polyhydramnios, low water and abnormal development of the uterus;
  • Delayed fetal development;
  • Placenta previa.

Breech presentation of the fetus

Breech presentation of the fetus can be diagnosed only by an experienced obstetrician-gynecologist with a full examination… It can be detected by a vaginal examination, after which it is confirmed or refuted. using ultrasound

Such an arrangement of the fetus is not abnormal, but, however, does not pose major threats in the medical supervision of the expectant mother and the correctly chosen tactics of childbirth.

Why is breech presentation dangerous for a child and mother?

With a breech presentation, it is possible to distinguish following consequencesthat can affect not only the child, but also the mother:

  • Cesarean section with breech presentation may leave scar on the uterus;
  • If you gave birth naturally, the baby’s condition will most likely not be entirely satisfactory. In the future, there may be nervous disorders in a child;
  • During a natural birth, the baby may dislocate the hip joint;
  • After giving birth, the mother may have health problems

With breech presentation, it is recommended to do the necessary exercises, which will help the child to take the correct position. In addition to exercise, doctors recommend that a pregnant woman wear special bandage, sleep on the left side and even have sex… It has been noticed that regular sex life can induce a baby to turn over.
Breech presentation of the fetus - consequences

If you have been diagnosed with breech presentation of the fetus, be sure to see a doctor… With observation and medical control, the risks of misalignment of the fetus are reduced to almost zero. The doctor will give the necessary recommendations on time gymnastics and will select the optimal delivery tactics.

Timely hospitalization and competent assistance from gynecologists will help prevent the consequences of improper placement of the fetus in the uterus. Never refuse hospitalization when it is offered by the attending physicians, and everything will be fine with you!

The website warns: self-medication can harm you and your child! Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment!

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