Brian Tracy Reveals 10 Secrets Of Successful People

Every day you see successful people on Instagram, on TV, in magazines. Sometimes it seems that these people live in a parallel reality, where there are fewer problems, and luck comes to everyone who deserves it. In fact, many successful people at the beginning of their journey were simply able to learn to think and see the world a little differently.

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Brian Tracy, popular speaker, motivator, 18 bestselling author and just a very positive person, shared 10 secrets of being successful. I advise you to study them and start changing your life today!

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1. They learn all the time

In one of his interviews, Brian Tracy competently notes that everyone starts from scratch. That is why it is not at all shameful to learn something new even at 30+ years old. It is scientifically proven that lifelong learning is the key to a long and happy life. The main thing is to find the best in the area you need and not be afraid to ask even the most stupid questions. Many pros are very supportive of newbies, as they still remember how they got started.

2. They put new ideas into practice

We all read motivational literature and get interesting ideas from there (yes, you are doing it right now). But an ordinary person, unlike a successful one, gets acquainted with an idea, notices to himself that it is interesting, and immediately forgets about it. And the successful one seeks to immediately test it in practice.

New knowledge, like new habits, is consolidated only through practice. That is why it is necessary to try and practice everything new within the first 48 hours after studying, otherwise the information will be forgotten.

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3. They believe in their success.

By Brian Tracy’s Law of Faith “What you believe in, what you are convinced of, becomes your reality, because you always see the world through the prism of your faith, your picture of the world is based on it.”

Therefore, it is so important to believe that you will be successful in your business. Think of any successful person: they all believe in themselves.

4. They view failure as the most rewarding lesson

Our “sapper” culture has taught us to be afraid of failure and failure. In school, surely everyone had a teacher, because of whom the mistake became a catastrophe on a national scale. In fact, it’s okay to be wrong, and defeat teaches you a lot more victories.

All successful people know this and are comfortable with their mistakes. I cannot imagine that Elon Musk, after another sharp drop in Tesla shares, would suddenly decide not to introduce new business ideas.

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5. They know how to wait

This point logically follows from the previous one: sometimes it takes time for success. We assume that with due effort the result will not be long in coming, but, more often than not, real success and demand come only after some time. Sometimes, before the “big break”, you have to endure a long series of failures and failures.

Brian Tracy cites cosmetics creator Mary Kay, who opened her fateful first store at just 45 years old. And this is not an isolated case – think about the author of The Lord of the Rings John Tolkien or the actor Harrison Ford! Everything comes only to the one who knows how to wait.

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6. They think positively.

Brian Tracy is convinced that feelings are more important than logic and positive thinking is not an empty phrase, but a real way to improve your life. I will give an example that is clear to everyone. Think of any day when you were negative and any day when you were positive about the world. In both cases, reality adjusts to the way you see it and sticks out exactly the side to which we are more disposed.

That is why, even while expecting the most terrible day in your life, it is worth setting yourself up for a positive, and then it will definitely happen.

“Negative thoughts need to be rejected like a fire spark from clothes, shaken off and that’s it – it won’t do any harm,” sums up Tracy.

7. They see the best in people.

According to Tracy’s Law of Sympathetic Resonance, we attract people with a similar type of vibration, that is, positive people, bright, active attract their own kind and, conversely, offended, suspicious, lazy, sooner or later will find themselves in the company of their own kind. Therefore, it is worth, contrary to the modern habit of waiting for a catch from everywhere, to believe in people and then they will reciprocate.

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8. They take control of their lives

Successful people often look like they are in control of the world. And, although it is unlikely that the world can obey the will of one person, in business and everyday matters they really have order. It is the external organization that is the main indicator of control in deeds and thoughts. Order and control allow freeing up the resource and redirecting it from “extinguishing fires” to building the future.

9. They value themselves highly.

Low self-esteem and success don’t go well together, right? That is why all successful people value themselves highly. However, high self-esteem does not arise by itself, it has to be formed over the years, sometimes already in adulthood.

Brian Tracy helps his supporters by phrasing this request as the Law of Subconscious Activity:

“Your subconscious mind creates your outer world and organizes your subconscious mind according to your beliefs.”

Simply put, the way you treat yourself is the way the world will treat you.

10. They are comfortable with money.

The belief that there can only be evil from big money is wrong and unproductive. This attitude, according to the Law of rejection, takes money away: “Everything that you think about in a negative way can disappear from your life.” In fact, money, like many other things and resources on Earth, is neutral.

You can’t blame the knife for murder, and oil for polluting the planet. Successful people understand this and perceive capital as a resource that can be used for good for themselves and their loved ones. You should not feel unnecessary emotions about money, they are not an enemy, they are not a cult.

When we look at successful people, it may seem that they are not made of flesh and blood, but of talents, ambition and motivation. In fact, they are the same people who most often achieved their success by persistence and the ability to see the world differently. I hope Brian Tracy’s advice can change your life too.

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