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As soon as spring comes, and men’s looks begin to slide along women’s slender legs, each girl thinks about her wardrobe for the summer. It is important that the created summer look is lively, harmonious and, most importantly, fashionable! Summer 2015 is a bright and varied selection of clothing.

So what are the hottest summer trends awaiting us in 2015?

This is one of the most fashionable trends of the season. In 2015, almost all popular fashion houses took a sharp heading into the second half of the twentieth century. Flared trousers, A-shaped silhouette, hippie-style blouses, pleated skirts and country sundresses came into fashion. Plus such directions as eclecticism and safari, unisex and glam rock, as well as military and so on. All of this was in vogue before, but the concentration of 70s things reached its climax in the summer of 2015.

70s fashion

From season to season, striped fashion is extremely popular, both among ordinary girls and among glamorous divas from the covers of fashion magazines. Stripes – a very diverse pattern – according to the combination of colors, the thickness of the stripes, their direction – horizontal, vertical, different textures. The choice is only yours and your taste. It is worth noting that most of the designers of fashion houses prefer the black and white classic vertical stripes.


Scarlet lipstick, scarlet air shorts, blouses, shirts – all this will be at the peak of popularity in 2015. If you haven’t gotten your red lipstick and red short dress yet, you should rather go to the store and get them. The scarlet color is very difficult to combine with other colors, but the tandem of black and red will always remain the standard of style.

scarlet color

  • Artistic cutouts

Rompers with nice cutouts at the back, tops with cutouts on the sides or a stylish dress with a nice cutout at the hem – this is what is popular with all fashion houses in 2015. Cutouts in the most unexpected places this season not only make the girl stand out from the crowd, but also allow her to highlight her dignity. However, you should not combine several cuts and cuts at the same time, if you do not want to seem vulgar.

artistic cutouts

A style that came into fashion a couple of seasons ago, literally on the streets of New York. This “anti-podium” style has spread around the world at a furious pace. Oversized T-shirts, sneakers, tight gins, oversized sweaters: this is exactly what will be at the height of fashion in 2015. Go out for a walk with the kids, on a date with your husband, or even to work if you are called there on a weekend. Normcore – will help you spend your time more productively and not be afraid of obstacles in the form of high fences or an unexpected wave that swept your legs.


Black lace short dresses, black denim pants, black croptops and rompers are exactly what will be at the peak of popularity in the summer of 2015. Black ’60s or’ 70s style swimwear is exactly what will set you apart from all the other girls on the beach.

black color

  • Lingerie style

In 2015, modesty fades into the background, and boldness, audacity and elegance come to the fore. Delicate silk sundresses, open rompers, knitted lace shorts. You can also add croptops made of lace to this style. Femininity and tenderness are exactly what many fashion houses strive for, releasing entire lines of clothes in lingerie style. The most important thing in linen style is delicate shades and floral prints.

linen style

Almost all fashion houses hosted fashion shows based on jeans. Denim items are very popular. Denim vests, jackets, skirts and even denim corsets are exactly what goes with almost all girls and what came into fashion in 2015. There are absolutely no restrictions on the decor, because shirts, shorts and jeans dresses are perfectly combined with both lace and rhinestones or leather. Jeans are chosen by women and girls of absolutely all ages. You should also pay attention to the color of jeans – there are no restrictions this season and will not be (all shades of jeans are in fashion!).


  • Mint (menthol) color

In recent months, this color, which is also called “jade gray”, is gaining immense popularity among both casual girls and fashion houses. The most important thing is to correctly combine this color with other shades, since your whole image depends on it. White, coral and yellow colors are most suitable for menthol.

mint color

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