Brooke Payne Net Worth

Brooke Payne Net Worth

Currently, Brooke Payne is working with R&B group LSG. However, he has also been known to manage several other bands. Brooke’s main source of income comes from his primary profession as a Business Executive. This has probably helped him accumulate a net worth of between $1 Million and $5 Million. Brooke Payne is also known to be a great parent and has an extremely strong work ethic. He spends a lot of time away from home for his work and will be away for several days at a time.

Brooke Payne is married to Amelia Payne, who is also a businesswoman. They met through mutual friends and have been married for thirty years. The couple has three children. Brooke and Amelia met at a talent show in Roxbury, Massachusetts. This was Brooke’s first job as a choreographer and he met a lot of the members of New Edition during this time. After meeting the group, Brooke was introduced to the band as their manager. He is responsible for helping them establish their careers. They have been awarded several awards.

Brooke Payne and Amelia Payne live in Boston, Massachusetts. They are very busy with their professional lives and do not spend a lot of time talking about their personal lives. However, Brooke has a large number of followers on his Instagram account. He has over 20 thousand followers. He also posts pictures of his family on his social media account. In addition to his Instagram account, he has an official Facebook page. He has over 2,750 followers on Twitter. He has also been seen performing with New Edition at different music festivals.

Brooke Payne has an estimated net worth of about $3 million. However, he keeps his personal life private. This is one of the reasons why he is so successful as a Business Executive. He has not revealed any information about his wife’s personal life on social media. Besides his wife, Brooke has a son named Randy Payne. He also has a daughter named Ashlyn Payne. Interestingly, he has a sister named Ella Payne. Brooke and Ella have a very close relationship. They both share a good sense of humor.

Brooke Payne is very talented as a producer. He has helped the New Edition group to gain a lot of fame and success. He has also helped Bell Biv DeVoe to build their careers. The New Edition band had a number of awards and performances. Brooke Payne was also one of the producers of the mini-television movie The New Edition Story. He was also one of the actors that played the role of Brooke in the film.

Brooke Payne and his wife Amelia have recently welcomed a great-grandchild. He has also stressed on spending quality time with his family. During his free time, Brooke will spend time with his wife and children. He has also expressed his appreciation for the beauty of his wife.

Brooke Payne has a number of affairs. He has one girlfriend. However, Brooke has not publicly revealed his affairs or his marriage.

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