Brooke Riley Net Worth

Brooke Riley Net Worth

Known for her passion for sprucing up houses on a budget, Brooke Riley is a successful entrepreneur who earns millions of dollars. She is also known for her blog, Re-Fabbed, which has an average of 1.5 million views per month.

Brooke Riley is an American businesswoman who has earned millions of dollars from her online e-commerce store, Re-Fabbed. Her blog has been featured on several websites including Huffington Post and House Beautiful. Brooke also offers business advice to other aspiring business owners. She has been ranked as one of the top entrepreneurs by Forbes Magazine. She has also been featured in Country Living magazine.

Brooke Riley’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million. She has various sources of income, including her e-commerce store, her coaching business, and her acting career. She has been married to Brandon for more than a decade and she is the mother of two children. She has been featured in several reputable publications including Success, Huffington Post, and Country Living.

Brooke Riley earned her degree in public relations. She joined West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative after graduating from Murray State University. She was stressed out from her job and wanted to change careers. She thought that being an Executive Assistant would be a good role. But her employer didn’t take her decision well.

Brooke Riley started her blog in 2015 as a way to document her house-fixing projects. She realized she needed more page views in order to generate an income, so she worked hard to increase her page views. She has an average of 1.5 million views per month and has a large following on social media. She has been featured in magazines such as House Beautiful and Country Living. She has also been featured on the television series Pioneer Women. She has a monthly clothing box subscription with about 1,300 subscribers.

Brooke Riley was born on July 20, 1988 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. She has three siblings. She is the eldest of the three and her youngest brother, Clint, is 22 months younger. She is a petite lady who has a Southern accent. Her parents weren’t wealthy, and her father had to control her life to help pay for her college fees.

Brooke Riley has been married to her current husband, Brandon, for more than a decade. The two are parents to two children, and have been together since she was 18 years old. They have lived in several states. The pair have a home in Mayfield, Kentucky. Brooke is also a successful singer, and frequently performs as a backing vocalist in duets. She has a salary of $19k to 210k per year. She has been in several movies, and she has been a guest actor on several television shows. Her income has also been generated from the endorsement deals she has done with famous brands.

Brooke Riley started her career on the bottom rung. Her first job was in the clothes business. She was an employee at Petticoat Junction. She later left the show to focus on movies. She appeared in several feature films, including Electra Glide in Blue (1973), Fever Heat (1968), and The Comic (1969). She continued her guest appearances on television shows such as Ozzie and Harriet and The Man from UNCLE.

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