Bruce Springsteen and wife Patty have been together for 29 years.

Some people are just destined to meet and spend their lives together. This statement applies unequivocally to the famous singer Bruce Springsteen and his wife Patty Skelf. They both grew up in New Jersey, in the same county just 30 km from each other, and they both have Irish and Italian roots. But more importantly, they love music and cannot imagine their existence without it.

“Stone Pony”

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Bruce and Patty met at the Stone Pony Bar in New Jersey, where Patty sang with guitarist Bobby Bundiera. Springsteen became interested in the girl’s talent, but no more.

“I was on the phone with young Patty Skelfa,” the singer wrote in his 2016 autobiography Born to Run. “Then I gave her almost paternal advice so that she would not think about tours and concerts, but would continue to study like a decent young lady.”

“It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Every Sunday I sang in “Stone Pony”, and Bruce sometimes came there, – recalls Patty Skelfa herself. – He knew that I lived in New York and that I did not have a car, so he offered to take me to my mother. Sometimes we stopped at a cafe and ordered hot chocolate burgers. “

Friendship and touring

Skelfa was a determined and stubborn girl, and in 1984 she joined Springsteen’s group. E Street Bandand then went on a tour with them called Born in the USA… Patti and Bruce were very sympathetic to each other, but the singer was then married to actress Julianne Phillips (from 1985 to 1989). It wasn’t until they officially broke up that Bruce began to show Patty more persistent courtesies.

Bruce Springsteen and Patty Skelfa 2

“Their sensual stage performances were too realistic to be limited by the stage,” wrote Peter Ames Carlin in his biography of Bruce Springsteen.

Wedding and happy life

After all, Bruce and Patty got married in 1991 and have been inseparable for three decades.

“Patty was well aware of what it was like to live with a musician. She supported my decisions and accepted all my oddities. Our beautiful friendships have turned into an equally beautiful marriage, “admitted Bruce Springsteen.

Patty gave birth to three children to Bruce. She always was and continues to be with him both in the most joyful and darkest moments of life. Springsteen speaks openly about his depression, which he has been struggling with for many years, and the fact that he often has to live on medications. In the most difficult times, his wife was a support for him:

“Patty is at the center of my life. She inspires and guides me, and I can’t even convey how grateful I am to her for that. “

Bruce Springsteen and Patty Skelfa 3

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