Buckwheat diet recipes. How to cook buckwheat for a diet?

Every second woman who dreams of losing weight has heard about the buckwheat diet. How to cook buckwheat for a diet – we asked this question to nutritionists and nutritionists. Check out the experts’ answers in our material.

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The queen of groats: is the buckwheat diet as effective as they say about it?

Due to its low calorie content and high nutritional value, buckwheat is considered one of the best weight loss foods. There are stories on the network about how the buckwheat diet clears the body in 2021 and takes 7-10 kilograms in a couple of weeks. But is the buckwheat diet as effective as they say about it? How can it affect the body and how to practice it correctly so as not to harm yourself?

Buckwheat itself is a very useful product. It is a source of complex carbohydrates that saturate for a long time and energize the muscles. This cereal is the leader in protein content among plant products: in 100 grams of boiled buckwheat, it is 3-4 grams. In addition, buckwheat contains the amino acids lysine and tryptophan, which the body needs to make its own protein. By the way, therefore, buckwheat must be included in the diet of vegetarians.

Buckwheat is rich in nutrients. It contains B vitamins, which ensure the healthy functioning of the nervous system and muscles, vitamins A and E, zinc, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and other trace elements. Buckwheat also surpasses cereals in terms of iron content; it is about 2 mg in 100 grams of boiled cereals.

Buckwheat is a real superfood among cereals. It can be eaten for breakfast or used as a side dish for lunch (remembering to include protein in the diet: chicken breast, fish, or even nuts). This product is excellent for a correct, healthy diet. But when it comes to buckwheat diet, the situation is changing.

How to lose weight on a buckwheat diet?

The buckwheat diet implies the following diet: during the day, it is allowed to eat only buckwheat, drink light kefir, as well as water, tea and unsweetened coffee. It is suggested not to cook buckwheat, but pour boiling water overnight and eat it steamed. So it supposedly retains more vitamins and minerals. All food on a buckwheat diet should be free of salt, sugar and other spices.

This diet has its advantages. In 100 grams of steamed buckwheat, there are only about 100 calories, and in a glass of 1% kefir, there are about 80 calories. With such a diet, it is easy to create a calorie deficit, which is considered the main condition for losing weight. At the same time, the body will not be depleted, because buckwheat with kefir contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Problems begin if you “sit too long” on such a diet. You can hold out on buckwheat with kefir for a day, two, three, but a week or more is harmful both from the point of view of the emotional state and from the point of view of health.

Surely you are familiar with the situation from childhood: if you eat the same product for a long time and regularly, no matter how tasty it may seem at first, soon you will no longer be able to look at it. Everything works the same with buckwheat and kefir. The longer you restrain yourself, the more likely it is to break down. In addition, due to the lack of glucose in the diet, which is contained in fruits, concentration and performance decrease, and mood may deteriorate.

Psychological difficulties are only half the trouble. Despite all the useful properties of buckwheat and the nutritional value of kefir, a complete diet cannot consist of only these two products. They are too low in protein and fat for full muscle function and at the same time low in calories. In such conditions, the body will begin to take energy from its own reserves – muscle cells. And of those kilograms that you lose, a significant part will go away due to muscle mass.

Therefore, you cannot last long on a buckwheat diet. Such a diet is suitable for a fasting day: in one day the cereal will not get bored, the gastrointestinal tract will not suffer, and the weight will be kept. But staying longer than three days is fraught with problems.

On such fasting days, the body can be supported with useful supplements that will replenish the daily intake in the missing substances and at the same time will not affect the weight. First of all, it is omega-3. Buckwheat and kefir do not contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, but they are necessary for the normal functioning of the brain and maintaining the water-fat balance of the skin, hair and nails.

Then – vitamin C, which is found in vegetables and fruits. It does not accumulate in the body, which means that it needs to be replenished with food every day. To them you can add a complex of essential amino acids, which are found only in animal products. For example, the complexes of Now Foods contain the following essential amino acids: L-tryptophan, L-leucine, L-lysine. These supplements are useful outside of fasting days on a buckwheat diet, but before including them in a regular diet, you should consult your doctor.

The main benefits of buckwheat diet

  1. Weight normalization.
  2. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Improvement of hair, skin, nails.

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Buckwheat is the basis of the buckwheat diet

Of course, the basis of such a diet is buckwheat. Special culinary skills are not required for its preparation – cereals are steamed in boiling water, or cooked. With a feeling of hunger and categorical unsaturation, one more portion of buckwheat is added to the daily diet. The main thing in this diet is pure cereal, that is, the absence of sugar and salt.

What can you drink with a buckwheat diet?

Of the drinks, green tea and still water should be distinguished most of all, which is especially important in this diet. Water ensures the removal of toxins and, of course, fats from the body, and also participates in metabolism. Buckwheat diet needs at least two liters of liquid per day. Black tea and compote are not forbidden, but, of course, sugar-free.

We make the buckwheat diet menu varied

To avoid health problems, buckwheat should be “diluted” with something. Due to a lack of sugar and salt, the following are often manifested side effects of diet:

  • Feeling tired.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Headache.
  • Apathy, depression.
  • Decreased performance.
How to cook buckwheat for a diet?  Buckwheat diet recipes
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The most useful buckwheat diet recipes

  • Dried fruits will help to reduce your appetite and raise your vitality. Buckwheat prepared with their use is very effective for weight loss and is as balanced as possible for the benefit of the body. Dried apricots, raisins or prunes (as well as their “combination”) should be combined with buckwheat, and not replaced. That is, it is enough to add six dried apricots berries per day, remembering to chew them well.
  • One of the options for a variety of buckwheat diet: Breakfast can consist of one hundred grams of cottage cheese and yogurt, a slice of hard cheese. Lunch – vegetable salad without salt, one hundred grams of veal (boiled). At noon, you can limit yourself to fruit, and for dinner – buckwheat and vegetables.
  • Buckwheat can be “diluted” with honey, onions or vegetable oil (all in small quantities).
  • Buckwheat is often combined with kefir. Of course, you should not fill it with kefir, but it is quite possible to add a liter of fermented milk product to the diet.
  • The most popular way to cook buckwheat is the classic one. Groats are poured overnight with boiling water, and in the morning they are used for breakfast without any seasonings and salt. At lunchtime, you can add some unsalted soy sauce to buckwheat, if it’s really difficult to eat it empty.
  • Buckwheat for a diet can also be cooked on fire. For what it is preliminarily sorted out, washed and cooked over low heat until crumbly. Water, in this case, should be added on a one-to-one basis.
  • Buckwheat with yogurt is a very popular recipe. The washed buckwheat should be folded into a ceramic (glass) dish and poured with live unsweetened yogurt (which does not contain preservatives) so that the yogurt covers the cereal by three fingers. Buckwheat is left in this form until morning in the refrigerator.

According to statistics, the buckwheat diet is one of the most effective. With proper adherence to it, the results become noticeable after a few days. It is clear that a two-week course will allow you to update your wardrobe with clothes of more modest sizes.

How do you prepare buckwheat for weight loss? Share with us in the comments!

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