Business etiquette in interviews

You are an excellent specialist with the richest experience, but personnel officers scatter at the sight of your resume? Do you have an inquisitive mind and an excellent memory, but you absolutely do not know how to behave in public places? At interviews, recruiters often answer your story about themselves “we’ll call you back”?

Unfortunately, skills and knowledge do not always guarantee us successful employment and high wages. In order to sit down in the best place in the sun, first you need to carefully work out the rules of your behavior.

Today I will tell you how not to lose face and make a good impression on the future employer.

Dress code


Let’s start with the main thing: your appearance. We all know the proverb: “greeted by clothes, and escorted by mind“. Yes, you are a smart woman and an irreplaceable specialist, but in the first minutes of the meeting, you will be judged according to your style.

Of course, the strict limits of the dress code are simplified over the years, and employers are loyal to modern fashion. But do not forget that an interview is a business meeting, and your appearance must show that you are a serious and reliable person and you will treat your work accordingly.

Think about your clothes ahead of time. It should be perfectly clean, well-ironed and not provocative. Ideally, do not combine more than three colors at the same time, set aside the variegation for bars and clubs.

Choose shoes for the interview that are appropriate for the occasion. Let it be neat heels with a closed toe.

Makeup and hairstyle

The correct make-up and order on the head can work wonders. After all, if we are confident in our beauty, we feel much calmer. And by the way, not only us.

Recently, the popular singer Lady Gaga admitted in an interview that cosmetics and stylists are the key to her successful day. The star said:

“I have never considered myself beautiful. After one of the tours, my makeup artist lifted me off the floor, sat me on a chair and dried my tears. Then we put on makeup, styled our hair and that’s it – I felt the superhero inside me again. “

I will not advise you on certain shades and brands of cosmetics or “interview” hairstyles. Create a look that makes you feel confident and compelling. But try to be discreet and natural. After all, the success of your meeting depends on every even the smallest detail.

Business etiquette: how to make a good impression in a job interview


Even the most sophisticated outfit needs at least a drop of perfume. Only they will give it completeness and perfection, and they will add charm and charm to you.“. (Yves Saint Laurent)

When considering perfume and deodorant, opt for subtle scents. A light and pleasant aroma will surely be deposited in the memory of the employer.


Choose your jewelry wisely. They should not be conspicuous, their task is to complement your image. Therefore, avoid massive rings and huge chains.


According to the rules of etiquette, you must come to the meeting 10-15 minutes before the appointed time. This is enough for you to correct the appearance and, if necessary, eliminate the shortcomings. Don’t bother the recruiter early. He probably has other things to do, and importunity will immediately spoil his opinion of you.

In no case should you be late. But if you still do not have time to come on time, be sure to call and warn about it.


Mobile phone

This is the thing that should not reveal itself to the world at the interview. Turn off the sound in advance and put the gadget in your bag. The person who constantly looks at the smartphone screen, thereby shows the interlocutor disinterest in the dialogue. And who needs an employee for whom the social media feed is more important than the future job?

Communication style

Modesty is the height of elegance“. (Coco Chanel)

The employer begins to assess you even before you enter his office. A conversation with the receptionist at the reception, conversations with other employees – all this will reach his ears and will play either for you or against you.

Be polite and humble, don’t forget about the magic “Hello“,”Thank you“,”please“. Show the future team that you are a well-mannered person with whom it is pleasant to deal.


Experts in motor skills and human gestures from the University of Canada have shown that regularity in movement indicates that the interlocutor is aware of his own importance. And fussiness means lack of opinion.

Be calm and confident during the conversation. Try not to cross your arms or fidget in your chair. The recruiter closely monitors your behavior so that panic and stress will not slip past his gaze.

communication style

5 rules for conducting a conversation

  1. The golden rule of business etiquette prohibits interrupting an interviewer. Your future employer has a specific dialogue scenario and a standard set of information about the company and working conditions that he must tell you. If you hit him during the conversation, he may miss some important detail and give you an incomplete picture of the upcoming collaboration. Even if you have any questions, leave them for later. The interlocutor will give you the opportunity to speak up a little later.
  2. Avoid being overly emotional. Even if you are strongly encouraged by your future job, do not try to impress the recruiter, much less pressure him. Excessive expression will create the impression that you are an unbalanced person.
  3. Try to react calmly to everything. The employer’s behavior is often irritating. But maybe this is part of a standard interview and the interviewer is testing your communication skills.
  4. Research the potential company’s website and social media in advance. Knowing what the company is doing and what exactly is expected from the candidate for the position will give you a huge advantage over competitors for the vacant position.
  5. Be honest and natural. If you don’t know something, you’d better admit it honestly. For example, you do not know how to work with an excel table, but you are perfectly able to present the product to the buyer.


Business etiquette: how to make a good impression in a job interview

Once the dialogue is over, thank the other person for their time and be sure to say goodbye. The employer will definitely note that you are a well-mannered and pleasant person to talk to.

Knowing the rules of business etiquette is the key to a successful interview and your future employment. Approach him with all responsibility, and the vacancy will be yours.

Do you think these rules will help you land your dream job?

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