C Blu Net Worth

The Net Worth of C Blu

There are many questions about C Blu’s net worth. One, it is difficult for us to estimate his net worth without knowing about his personal life. The Bronx native was raised by a housewife and a laborer. He is the father of two children and has kept his relationship life private. He is well-known for his media roles and involvement in controversial shootings. His net worth is not yet known.

He was incarcerated but has managed to gain a large following since his release from juvenile detention. In addition to the estimated net worth of C Blu, he has over ninety-nine thousand followers on his instagram account. On social media, he is often called @cblu180. His net worth is estimated at $1.5 million as of the time of writing. Similarly, his net worth has also grown rapidly since his emergence from juvenile detention.

Despite his age, Blu’s net worth is still unaffordable, even with his success in music and entertainment. His acting and music career earned him millions. The artist’s net worth is estimated to rise to $100k by 2022. He was born in Washington, DC, on July 5, 1948. He is the son of Stan George and Richard George. He has no children. His success as a Rapper as well as as a stage performer is the main reason for his net worth.

The rapper has spent the last decade creating a buzz in the music industry. Blu released a mixtape titled Lifted in 2006 and collaborated with artists like J Dilla or KRS-One. He discovered three unreleased albums during this time. The first four tracks from his album were then released as unmixed MP3 files. These songs caused a lot of buzz online and Okayplayer named Blu Rookie of The Year.

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