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The ascendant is even more important than the zodiac sign. Here you can calculate your ascendant!

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Real astrology fans not only know their zodiac sign, but also theirs ascendants. For everyone who is just hearing about it for the first time: In addition to the normal zodiac sign, everyone also has a zodiac ascendant. An ascendant reveals even more about your personality and strengths. So if you are enthusiastic about horoscopes and astrology, you should also know your ascendant! You want to find out your ascendant? With our ascendant calculator this can be done in a few seconds!

Whether Libra, Cancer or Capricorn: Almost everyone knows their zodiac sign, while very few know what their ascendant is. The ascendant is almost more important than the zodiac sign, because it says even more about a person’s character. The word ascendant comes from Latin and means something like “the ascending”. The Ascendant is the zodiac sign that is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. Thus, the ascendant is also a zodiac sign and can be anything from Aries to Sagittarius. In most cases, the sign of the zodiac and the ascendant do not match, but there are exceptions. The difference is that the ascendant says even more about you and your personality, because not only the birthday is considered to determine the ascendant.

So what does the ascendant mean? Generally speaking, an ascendant describes a person’s character in more detail. It’s about how you face each other behaves towards his environment and his fellow human beings. At the same time, the astrological sign describes how oneself perceived and valued by other people. A person’s abilities, potential, characteristics and weaknesses are defined in more detail by the Ascendant of the Zodiac.

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Would you like to learn more about yourself, your behavior in relationships and your strengths and weaknesses? Then you can calculate your zodiac ascendant here. To calculate the ascendant, all you need are these three things: the birthday, the exact time of birth and the exact place of birth. And off you go:

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Calculate Ascendant by Ascendant Calculator

You know your own birthday, of course, as well as the place of birth. But when it comes to the exact time of birth, many grope in the dark. A first port of call to the find out the exact time of birth are the parents. Most of them can still remember when you were born. If you don’t have the opportunity to ask your mother or father, you can in yours birth certificate check. Or you call City hall, citizens’ office or municipal office – your birth certificate must be available here or a birth entry must have been made.

By the way: If the Ascendant Calculator does not know your exact place of birth, it is best to choose a larger city nearby. Your zodiac ascendant will still be determined very precisely!

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