Callanetics for weight loss: health benefits, exercise

Callanetics is a type of fitness that includes a certain set of statistical exercises that contribute to the contraction and stretching of deep muscles. Callanetics first appeared in America, its founder is the ballerina K. Pinkney.

Is it possible to effectively lose weight with callanetics? Fitness trainer Bologny will tell you.

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What is callanetics – the basics of effectiveness

Callanetics is called a smooth, quiet gymnastics, which includes a static load. Exercises are considered quite highly effective and promote rapid weight loss, body volume and muscle tightening. In addition, callanetics exercises help to activate the human immune system.

Thanks to an effective training program, a harmonious balance is created between the human body and mind, allowing you to prevent injury, develop concentration and acquire excellent physical shape.

Callonetics results – before and after photos

The fitness trainer spoke about the effectiveness of callanetics for weight loss - is it really possible to lose weight?
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Callanetics for beginners

  • For callanetics no need to visit gyms with special equipment… All the delights of training can be learned at home. To conduct classes, there is no need to purchase overalls and shoes, special equipment. All that is needed to start classes is a regular sports uniform and favorite music.
  • In the process of training – despite the fact that gymnastics is quiet and unhurried – it means increased muscle work. Exercises are built on classical yoga and static loads… Stretching is done at the end of each exercise. In callanetics, there are no jumps and sudden movements, unequal tension of adjacent muscle groups.
  • The physiological effect of callanetics is achieved due to the fact that with a static long-term load on the muscle, the level of its metabolism increases – that is, the metabolic rate increases. Compared to cyclic loading, this is much more effective.
  • Through such exercises most of the calories burnedand no muscle building occurs. The muscles themselves are brought into aesthetic form. The set of exercises is aimed at strengthening all human muscles – abdominal muscles, back muscles, legs and arms, hips and buttocks, shoulders.

Useful tips for beginners

The fitness trainer spoke about the effectiveness of callanetics for weight loss - is it really possible to lose weight?
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  1. Do not do classes without desire. You need to do only those exercises that are within the power of your body. During the initial training, special attention should be paid to rest breaks. In case of muscle pain, do not overstrain them.
  2. It is better to do callanetics in front of a mirror. In this case, you can see the correctness of the exercises. You can’t hold your breath. It should be smooth and even. Music during exercise can interfere with maintaining the desired pace.
  3. Don’t be intimidated by a little weight gain. This suggests that your muscles are getting stronger and exercising. The effectiveness of the exercise will be well demonstrated by measuring volumes.

The benefits of callanetics for weight loss and health

Every woman dreams of a beautiful figure, and this is no secret to anyone. Nutritionists all over the world are of the opinion that in order to achieve maximum results, it is not enough to follow a special diet – you also need to do fitness.

However, power loads are not suitable for everyone. Callanetics comes to the rescue to solve the problem. It will be useful for both weight loss and health promotion. Callanetics has been developed in such a way that all muscles are loaded at the same time.

Effective weight loss with callanetics is possible! This sport will help you achieve the following results:

  • Lose weight.
  • Decrease body volume.
  • Learn the ability to control your own body.
  • Resume metabolism.
  • Improve your posture.
  • Strengthen muscles and bring them to the required tone.
The fitness trainer spoke about the effectiveness of callanetics for weight loss - is it really possible to lose weight?
Photo @kallanetika

The system of non-force stretching in callanetics acts vIt is an excellent way of correcting the figure, and helps to find elasticity and harmony in the most problematic places.

Callanetics is often called “special gymnastics of uncomfortable postures”, and this is quite justified. In the process of training, such movements are performed, and such postures are taken that a person never performs in everyday life. These poses train the muscles.

Contraindications for callanetics

Callanetics classes help to achieve tremendous success, but it should be remembered that these exercises are not suitable for all people, and have certain limitations:

  • Exercises with extreme caution should be performed by people who have problems with the cardiovascular system
  • Persons with vision problems, before starting classes should consult with your doctor about the possibility of exercise.
  • After cesarean callanetics is contraindicated for women for one and a half years.
  • After any surgery a minimum of twelve months must elapse.
  • People with spinal diseases, you must seek the advice of a specialist. In this case, you need to minimize the number of movements and perform them as smoothly as possible.
  • Callanetics classes are strictly prohibited for asthmatics
  • With varicose veins people are prohibited from exercises to strengthen the leg muscles.
  • Squat exercises are extremely contraindicated for persons who have hemorrhoids
  • After the transfer infectious disease with classes it is worth postponing. A recovery period with the obligatory intake of vitamins must go through. Exercise can only be resumed after medical advice.

Summing up, we can say that callanetics is an ideal technique for almost every woman, regardless of physical data and age. It helps to strengthen joints and muscles, has a beneficial effect on the immune system, provides a fresh look at yourself and the world around you.

A set of callanetics exercises for beginners – video

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