“Cameras were everywhere, including the toilet and shower.”

The fate of the participants in one of the most popular shows of the 2000s “Star Factory” wasdifferently: someone began to develop in music, and someone chose a completely different field. Youtube-channel TUTBY invited the Star Factory participants to a small online interview 5to ask them tricky questions.

It turned out that 16-year-old Yulianna Karaulova went to the casting of the project only to convince herself and her parents that everything was bought on television:

“We entered the room by ten people, stood on the points marked on the floor and all sang at the same time. And the teacher walked between the rows of people and listened to how everyone sings. And the producers looked at the telegenicity of people through their cameras. “

However, the actress successfully passed the selection and became the star of the project. From this, probably, the popularity of Karaulova began.

Yulianna Karaulova revealed the secrets of the Star Factory:

The singers say that there was severe control on the project, and it was simply impossible to be alone with oneself: “Cameras were everywhere, including the toilet and shower. There they stood for safety, we were told. But we understood that here you are sitting in the toilet, and hypothetically, someone is watching you. “

A colleague of the actress Dmitry Koldunov, who also participated in the show, noted that the only place in which there were no cameras was the solarium. “All of us were very tanned, because in the solarium you could take off your headset.”

When asked if everything was real, the singer replied that yes, but some quarrels were wound up with the help of television techniques:

“That is, there might not have been a conflict: it was just some small skirmish on a minor, everyday topic. And from this, thanks to the editing, the music imposed, by some views unrelated to this situation, with phrases cut out of context, they could assemble everything in such a way that in the end everything was presented to the viewer as it really was not ”.

Yulianna also shared the negative that the sharp popularity brought to her life: “At first, everyone in the subway car was pointing fingers, and it was very pleasant. But then people somehow found out my home address, began to come to the entrance, write letters, shove them under the door lock. Sometimes it was letters from men, and that’s scary enough. “

Yulianna Karaulova revealed the secrets of the Star Factory:

But the stars still speak warmly about the project, saying that despite the petty quarrels, sharp jokes, a little rivalry and even the experience of assault, the team was very friendly, creative and fair in voting.

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