Can’t find a boyfriend – 13 reasons why you can’t find a boyfriend for a relationship

How to find a good guyAny girl dreams of a serious relationship. True, not everyone gets such happiness. It seems that she is clever, and a beauty, and she embroiders with a cross, but the serious prince still does not come across.

The injustice of life, karma, or does it make sense to look for the reason in yourself?

1. Most of the good guys that get in your way automatically “go to the friend zone”.

Even those who are in love with you do not drink or smoke, with golden hands and other “bonuses” of the best husband in the world. You just don’t notice them.

Maybe you should take a closer look at your friends? Suddenly, someone’s wounded heart is beating in unison with yours now?

2. Your selection criteria are too harsh.

You may be looking for a prince with an island villa, an infinitely long car, and a thick wad of gold banknotes. And, of course, he must be a blue-eyed blonde under 2 meters and with a slanting fathom in his shoulders.

And he must also love children and dogs, travel constantly, not drink or look at other girls, and also accept you with all your shortcomings.

Don’t look for the perfect guy, he’s already taken! Lower the bar of your claims, and happiness will definitely smile at you.

3. The guys you liked were flawed.

One did not lower the toilet seat behind him, the other brewed one tea bag twice, the third threw socks everywhere. Horror!

And you tried very hard, slowly removing the “shavings” and trying to fix the impudent people (each in turn), but this never happened.

So maybe not worth it? Why fix them if they are what they are? After all, you would not want to be corrected? Accept it as you love it.

4. You are not looking for your prince there.

Princes do not go to discos – they work and get tired in the evening. Princes don’t seek adventure in diners (they don’t seek adventure at all).

And they don’t meet in bars either.

It is possible that your hero is this young man who walks his Labrador every morning near your house. Or that man over there who gave you a seat on the subway, and then did not take his eyes off you until the very “final” one. Or the guy who reads the same book all the time in a cafe where you have tea at lunchtime.

Where to look for the man of your dreams?

5. You are not looking for your prince like that.

Maybe you are too open in your desire to meet the Hero of your novel?

Too deep cleavage, too short skirts, too much makeup and flirtation, too much alcohol at the party …

Men love naturalness. And they always feel women-“hunters” (not a single hunter, who is a man by nature, wants to become a “game”).

6. Nobody is interested in you.

Let’s throw away “something else”, “but this cannot be” and “yes, I am the most, the most!” and let’s face it.

What can you offer a man besides talking about girlfriends, shopping, fancy clothes and yoga? Except intrigue, gossip, backbiting, harmful nature? Besides the love of brands and labels?

Men love smart, independent and confident women who are not obsessed with fashion. They play with silly, capricious schemers, and marry smart ones.

7. You have too many complexes.

It happens that a woman seemingly nondescript, “no faces, no skin”, legs are crooked, her breasts are small, hairs are sparse, and the man next to her looks like he left the cover of a magazine. Injustice? Not!

It’s just that this woman is confident in herself, knows how to present herself and is not fixated on her shortcomings.

Men get tired of women’s “complexes”. And how will they love you as you are, if you yourself are not capable of it?

But how to get rid of an inferiority complex?

8. You are not ready for a serious relationship.

That is, with your thoughts you are already walking down the aisle in a white dress and choosing booties for the kids, but in reality you are simply not yet ripe for serious relationships and family life.

Analyze your desires. If your dreams include a wedding limousine, romantic nights on the ocean, beautiful little things for kids and a tiny dog ​​matching the color of the furniture, then you are definitely not ready yet.

Enjoy your freedom and take your time to get married.

9. You are “your boyfriend” for all your male acquaintances.

It’s fun with you in the company, you can talk about failures with girls, they ask you for advice and even stay overnight if your “friend kicked out”. But nobody sees you as a woman.


There are 2 options. Option 1: you lack femininity. Try to take a skeptical look at your appearance and your behavior. If you smoke, skillfully spit directly into the trash can 2 meters away from you, chase the ball with the men, swearing like a shoemaker – it’s time to change something. Option 2 – your prince just hasn’t appeared yet.

10. You are sloppy.

Alas, it happens.

Pay attention to your manicure, teeth, an abundance of pimples from excess makeup, dirty shoes, torn tights, sweat stains on your blouse, etc.

Men love well-groomed women who smell of comfort, tenderness and expensive perfume.

11. You are too smart and overwhelm your fans with your intellect.

It is about love to you, you are about Kant physics to him. It’s about love to you, you’re about Schopenhauer to him. Etc.

Sometimes it makes sense to look a little dumber than you are. Or at least talk less.

12. You are too busy.

Well, how can you meet your soul mate, when study in the morning, then work, then household chores, and tomorrow all over again?

Find time for yourself! Go to the sea, go to the museum, ski, swim in the pool, participate in forums / trainings, and more. Enjoy life!

Cupids love happy people, optimists who don’t complain about life and enjoy it to the fullest.

13. Because you simply don’t need to look for it.

Well, no need, that’s all. Happiness – it will find you.

You can just “lie down on his way.” And you don’t need to look specifically.

The more actively you seek, the more carefully it hides from you. Everything has its time!

How to find a good guy

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