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The former soloist of the “Brilliant” group Anna Semenovich can boast of variety achievements, close attention to her person, curvaceous forms, but, alas, not impeccable taste. The singer’s sense of style is very lame: she often chooses things that are completely inappropriate for both Anna herself and do not correspond to modern fashion trends, sins with outdated and tasteless images of the era of the 2000s. It’s time to urgently rectify the situation!

Step one: define the type

type definition

To create a suitable wardrobe, it is best to turn to the Kibby type system, which allows you to accurately determine the features of the bone structure, soft tissues and facial features, the ratio of Yin and Yang. Anna is Kibby’s Soft Natural: medium height, rounded corners, stocky figure, a tendency to be overweight, rounded, soft facial features. David Kibby himself described this type as “fresh and sensual lady.”

type definition

type definition

Step two: choosing landmarks

There are many stars in Hollywood who belong to the Soft Natural family and have the same body features as Anna Semenovich. Correctly selected examples with this type and a similar figure are a great way to see which images are suitable in this case, and which are strictly contraindicated. So, soft naturals with curvaceous curves: Kate Upton, Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, Kelly Brook, Pamela Anderson. All these ladies have a similar appearance, the same physique features as Anna, and the same femininity, expressed in the desire for naturalness, naturalness, even down-to-earthness.

Anna Semenovich

Step three: make up a wardrobe, taking into account examples and recommendations

The soft natural person has many different hypostases: it can be a young peasant woman, a forest nymph, a bohemian girl, or a simple girl from a neighboring yard. In the case of Anna, you should pay attention to her rather active lifestyle, love of brightness and even glamor, and proceed from the characteristics of her figure.

The silhouette of a soft natural should be soft, smooth, only slightly fitted, without sharp corners and excessive fitting. Cutouts with draperies, falling folds, slight asymmetry, straight models or an A-shaped silhouette will look good.

The fabrics should be natural, and it is better if they are light enough to create a flowing or flowing silhouette, however, it is worth remembering the pitfalls of a curvy figure: it is important not to accidentally show flaws by wearing delicate things.

There is almost complete freedom in the choice of colors: both bright, juicy shades and calmer pastel colors are suitable for a soft natural. The only limitation is dark, gloomy colors, which will add several years and “steal” natural freshness.

clothes by color

clothes by color

clothes by color

So, what will the capsule wardrobe look like for Anna Semenovich?

The business image for Anna will consist mainly of calm colors and the most restrained styles. Being a naturally bright girl, she does not need additional accents that would distract attention or enhance her sexuality. Delicate, natural colors, free straight styles are perfect for her. This look will help you make the impression of a successful and independent lady.

summer bow

Summer casual-look allows for less restraint than business style. Blouses, tops, denim, combined with loose flowing cardigans, will perfectly highlight Anna’s natural beauty. Floral prints, light and cheerful colors are very suitable for her.

The romantic image is a triumph of delicate pastel shades, airy fabrics and flowing lines. This look is dominated by soft femininity – the strong point of Soft Natural. The silhouette is rounded, without sharp corners, clarity and fit – Anna does not need to emphasize her figure too clearly, she should limit herself to only light accents.

choosing the right capsule outfit

choosing the right capsule outfit

choosing the right capsule outfit

Anna Semenovich is a bright woman with strong energy and outstanding forms. She should avoid both deliberate sexuality and excessive secrecy, harshness and gloom. Her wardrobe should be aimed at emphasizing the singer’s femininity, while not slipping into vulgarity and bad taste.

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