Carol Maraj Net Worth

Carol Maraj Net Worth – Who Is Nicky Minaj?

In the past, Carol Maraj was a singer and songwriter. She also was a nurse and a playwright. She has been married for many years and she has a son and a daughter. She is of Afro-Trinidadian ethnicity. Currently, she lives in Bournes Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Carol Maraj has a net worth of $73 million. However, she prefers not to reveal her divorce. Nevertheless, she has a boyfriend. Besides, she earns thousands of dollars every year.

Carol has a daughter, Ming, and a son, Micaiah. They were born on November 27, 1978 and March 29, 1998, respectively. Carol has nine siblings. One brother, Robert, was a financial executive who had a drug and substance abuse problem. Afterward, he was admitted to rehabilitation center. He and Carol started going to church services together. But, their relationship had to come to an end.

When Robert and Carol were married, they were living in America. Then, they decided to move to New York. At the time, Carol was looking for a home in Queens. With the help of her father, she bought a house.

Before the arrival of her children, Carol worked in a payroll department and an accounting department in Queens. She also was a foreign exchange teller at the National Commercial Bank. Her husband, Robert, was a part-time gospel singer. Although he had a problem with alcohol and drugs, he was not violent towards his wife or their children. Instead, he always tried to find her.

Carol’s family was among the first to have a concrete house with running water. They had eleven cousins. And they were the first to get television. It was when she was five that she moved to Queens.

Nicky Minaj’s mother, Carol, moved to New York to attend Monroe College. She wanted to pursue an acting career. However, when she was twenty, she had to return to her hometown of Saint James in Trinidad. There, she was fired from a restaurant because she was rude to customers.

She has nine older siblings. However, her father, Robert, had a drug and substance abuse problem. He was a former gospel singer. This caused a great deal of anxiety for Carol. Eventually, he got clean and was able to find her. After Robert and Carol had their daughter, Ming, they went on to have another son, Micaiah.

During her early career, Carol Maraj had to prove herself. She wrote many drama presentations for church. Additionally, she released a pop single in 2019. Now, she is working on her memoir. Moreover, she is also helping out in a program for female domestic abuse victims in her native country, Trinidad.

While she is known for her pop music, Carol is also a gospel singer. She is a part of the Life in its Poetic Form Ministries in Brooklyn. Among her numerous hobbies, she is a runner. She works out regularly to maintain a healthy body weight. Besides, she has a boyfriend and she is a successful Family Member.

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