Cat breed by zodiac sign

Fluffy purrs of different breeds differ not only in appearance, but also in character. It is these indicators that influence the choice of a pet, since some need a talkative and companionable oriental, while others like a phlegmatic Persian cat. Astrologers have selected a specific breed for each sign, based on the characteristics of the representatives of the zodiacal circle.


biran cat

Warlike and ardent Aries are looking for a pet to match themselves, since they will suppress a peaceful cat. It is important for Mars wards to interact with a pet, therefore astrologers advise to pay attention to Burmese breed… You won’t be bored with this restless bully, and her funny antics will surely cheer you up.


Persian cat

Representatives of the earth sign are distinguished by boundless patience, practicality and reliability. Taurus are firmly on their feet and rarely need money, since they provide themselves with a financial “safety cushion”. Patient and stubborn Persian cat perfectly matches the character of the owner.


scottish cat

Wards of Mercury are sociable and smart, but famous for their inconstancy. Gemini often move from place to place and provide shelter for unfortunate animals. No one is able to come to terms with a crazy lifestyle, except adorable scottish fold… The breed has an excellent character and the ability to quickly adapt.


Siberian cat

Representatives of the water sign are distinguished by increased sensitivity and emotionality, therefore, any little thing can unbalance them. Cancer will be upset because of the broken vase, which was inherited from the great-grandmother, and the torn curtains will completely shock him. Astrologers advise to opt for Siberian breed – calm and beautiful cat.

a lion

Maine Coon

Proud and domineering Maine Coon – the perfect companion for representatives of the fire sign. The majestic Leo is distinguished by a kind disposition and generosity, as well as a desire to live in a big way. Maine Coon will emphasize the status of the Sun’s ward, and the character of a fluffy pet will be a nice bonus. The cat has a developed intellect and is completely unforgiving.


american shorthair

Representatives of the earth sign are demanding of the immediate environment, therefore they will get along remarkably well with American shorthair cat… The amazing color is the calling card of the breed, and the set includes such qualities as affection and playfulness. The breed is easy to train, so Virgos can be engaged in raising a fluffy pet.


Angora cat

Flawless beauty calms the representatives of the air sign, creating harmony with the outside world. Angora cat fully meets the wishes of Libra, and congenital heterochromia emphasizes the uniqueness of the breed. Eyes of different colors perfectly accentuate the duality that is characteristic of the wards of Venus.


Siamese cat

No one in their right mind wants to mess with representatives of the water sign because of their tough character and vindictiveness. A similar reputation has siamese, which will be a worthy competitor to the Scorpions. In the person of a pet, Pluto’s wards will receive incredible intelligence and a mysterious feline nature.



Representatives of the fire sign cannot stand frames and restrictions, therefore, in the choice of a pet, they show maximum originality. Astrologers agree with Sagittarius preferences because Ocicat will be a great companion. The color of the cat resembles a wild animal, but in fact it is very affectionate and affectionate.


thai cat

Wards of Saturn choose friends and a partner in calculation, because they do not want to waste precious time on endless grinding of characters. Capricorns find it difficult to get along with people, and cats are chosen by temperament. Astrologers advise to purchase thai cat – she is demanding, smart and beautiful.


Balinese cat

For the representatives of the air sign, there is an ideal pet – Balinese cat… Aquarius likes everything original, so when choosing a pet, they pay attention to uniqueness. The unusual breed resembles a dog in character, as it is incredibly loyal to its owner.


norwegian forest cat

The romantic nature of the representatives of the water sign needs beauty and harmony, so it is better for them to choose Norwegian forest… The fluffy beauty will be happy to play with the owner or doze in his lap. The real highlight of the character is the mysteriousness of the cat, which will conquer Pisces at first sight.

Choose a fluffy pet based on the advice of astrologers and a soft idyll will reign in your home.

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