“Cat” makeup or cat eye – the crushing effect of your eyes

Cat makeup or cat eye is bright and feminine! If you want to give your look more depth and mystery, to attract the attention of others, then you urgently need to master the cat eye makeup technique.

The crushing effect of The crushing effect of

Cat eye makeup technique

The principle of this makeup is the effect of elongated and narrowed eyes with slightly raised corners. The cut of the eye should be similar to that of a feline. To achieve this effect, you will be helped by:

  • drawing arrows
  • shading shadows

I remind you! When you do bright makeup it is better to apply the foundation after you put on your eyes. This will help avoid dark circles from crumbling shadows.

The crushing effect of

In the photo, the cat eye version is made using the smoky eyes technique. The arrow is shaded and slightly shifted towards the center of the eye, in contrast to the classic one. And the makeup itself is not graphic, but more shaded, with the creation of a haze.

  • If you have close-set eyes, the outer corner of the arrows should be slightly shifted towards the temple. Thus, you kind of open your eyes.
  • If your eyes are far-set, the arrows should not be greatly lengthened.

If you want to visually stretch your eye, then you need to think about false eyelashes. Their length should not contrast with the makeup, only complement it.

The crushing effect of The crushing effect of

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Preparing the skin for make-up: cleanse, moisturize.
  2. We distribute light shadows throughout the eyelid.
  3. Draw an arrow along the entire upper eyelid with a pencil or brush. It should be raised at the outer edge.
  4. Apply dark shadows, emphasizing the outer corner of the arrow.
  5. With a brush, blend the borders of the shadows. Apply shadows of a light shade under the eyebrow.
  6. We paint the lower eyelid with dark shadows. Only the upper eyelid with a pencil.
  7. Apply mascara to the eyelashes.

The crushing effect of

Materials for cat eye make-up

For a brighter make-up, we take a black eyeliner or a long-lasting pencil.

For a more subdued option, you can use brown eyeliner, which will also give a rich color.

When choosing an eyeshadow palette, be guided by the color of your eyes:

Brown eyes – brown, purple, milky brown and green shades.

Green eyes – blue, green, plum, peach, lilac with pink.

Blue eyes – azure, gray-blue scales, golden brown, bronze and purple shades.

It is best to use matte textures for “feline” make-up. Satin ones are suitable for a more “calm” version. You can take it with shine – this will already be a festive option.

The crushing effect of

Well, the makeup is ready. Now you will have a devastating effect at a business meeting or a date with your loved one.

Always be beautiful and happy!

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