cat maneki-neko will give you a message

The maneki-neko is a popular Japanese talisman in the form of a cat with a raised paw, which she calls and attracts good luck for her owner. Let’s choose one such cat out of six and get a personal prediction from her.

Look at these six figurines and decide which one you like best.

Japanese test: the maneki-neko cat you choose will attract good luck and send you a personal message
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

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Japanese test: the maneki-neko cat you choose will attract good luck and send you a personal message

1. Prosperity and good news

White cat maneki-neko waving its right paw, beckons financial well-being and good news.

She encourages you to remember that when you change your ideas about money and attitude towards it, when you recognize that we all live in a world of unlimited possibilities, which means prosperity and abundance, you yourself begin to attract well-being into your life, and in quantities that meet your expectations and requirements.

2. Protection and harmony

Gray cat maneki-neko especially active as she raised both paws. It brings protection to your home and all the people living in it. And it also provides you with balance, balance and harmony with those who are part of your life and are very close and dear to you.

This cat reminds that where there is peace, there is love; and if there is love in life, then you are not afraid of any difficulties, problems and obstacles. This feeling makes you a whole and self-sufficient person who can handle everything.

3. Fulfillment of dreams

The green kimono of this maneki-neko kitty associated with special luck, which is able to turn dreams into reality. Remember that your dreams are the starting point, because nothing can materialize without the power of imagination, and that you are a reflection of your dreams: if you sincerely and very strongly believe in them, then your ability to turn them into reality is also very great. So don’t be afraid to dream and dare.

4. Success in current affairs

golden cat maneki-neko symbolizes the successful completion of all your tasks and projects that you are currently working on. Remember that when you move towards the goal with your body, soul and heart, the Universe also comes to meet you and supports you in everything, and then the right people and favorable circumstances appear on your way in the most unexpected and almost magical way, which help you achieve unsurpassed results.

5. Wisdom and right decisions

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your decisions, so white maneki-neko cat waving its left paw, calls for common sense and reason so that you have the opportunity to make the best decisions and make the most successful choices in your life. It also reminds you that we do not and cannot know what awaits us tomorrow, therefore the most rational decision is to be happy here and now, and also to live to the fullest.

6. Happiness and positive

Black cat maneki-neko destroys bad energies and negative vibrations, it drives away envy, sadness and disappointment and attracts joy, love, goodness and light. Remember that being happy is your decision, and it must be made every day, with every new dawn. This decision does not depend on the life circumstances that are developing right now, but on your attitude to life and on your mood with which you wake up.

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