Changing the generic program on the female line through gratitude

Generic scripts have nothing to do with magic. This is the collective memory of the unconscious, which is passed down through generations and forms our model of behavior. Due to the strong shocks that someone from the family had to endure in the past, the descendants have problems with self-realization, finances, and relationships. But that can be changed by finding the root cause.

And how to do it, she told us Psychologist, author of transformational techniques for women Julia Stolyarova.

How to change female generic programs through the practice of gratitude to ancestors
Yulia Stolyarova

You are the main link between the past and the future.

Generic scripts can be compared to a set of rules that always work, even if you are not aware of them. These are generations of behavior patterns aimed at survival, and we follow them on a subconscious level. If in the past big money caused grief – for example, the family was dispossessed – then descendants will unconsciously be guided by the wording “money is evil”, and it may be difficult for them to achieve prosperity.

Another option is domestic violence. It can manifest itself as problems with self-acceptance, choosing the wrong partners, striving to please everyone and be good. Such pain points create negative scenarios, and our task is to correct them, bring in new energy and create a program aimed at the prosperity of the race. You are the main link between the past and the future, and your happiness and the happiness of future generations depend on you.

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4 generic scenarios and the opportunities they open up

In the old days, it was customary to keep the memory of the family; a person could list his ancestors up to at least the seventh generation. People absorbed the experience and strength of the family in order to create and change their destiny.

How to change female generic programs through the practice of gratitude to ancestors
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Today, many do not know how to use this resource. In my practice, I often encounter indignation: “How can I accept my tyrant grandfather? Or the father who drank all the money? “ I know from myself: getting to know your generic scripts is not easy. But the recognition and acceptance of parents, their own qualities, especially negative ones, reveals boundless inner potential.

Here are the most common programs and opportunities that you can discover in yourself.

  1. Tyranny. When powerful cold women put pressure on men or, conversely, invisible women tolerate oppressive men, descendants have problems with building harmonious relationships.

Resource: reveal your softness and femininity. Learn to relax. Restore trust in men and respect for the masculine essence. Reveal your sexuality, magnetism and charm.

  1. Sacrifice and dependence – stories related to alcohol, gambling, poverty in descendants respond to difficulties with self-expression, increased anxiety, uncertainty, the need to adjust and conform.

Resource: to feel and see beauty subtly. Create a healing and supportive space. Enjoy freedom of choice and the right to live your life.

  1. Betrayal. Abandoned children, renunciation of the family, unhappy love leave their mark – it is difficult for a person to build trusting relationships with others, he has low self-esteem, fear of communication.

Resource: gaining contact with your body, disclosing sensuality. Access to intimacy and pure contact with men. Openness to the world.

  1. Unfulfillment. The simplest example is when a person, against his will, continued a professional dynasty. Or he could not reveal his talent due to some circumstances, he followed the imposed norms. This unlived experience will affect children who will find it difficult to hear and accept their needs, to be confident in themselves.

Resource: acceptance of oneself and loved ones, a sense of wholeness, support and support of the family.

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The most common fears in the topic of healing the family

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What are people afraid of in the topic of family healing and what is really behind it? Let’s consider the most common situations.

  • We’ll have to work off karma and pay for the sins of our ancestors “

Karma is an action, an impulse that prompts us to move, live, change. You have come to a certain Generic system, which means that its scenarios are close to you and you definitely have the resource to realize yourself and go beyond this framework. This will be your “working off” of karma – just the development of your soul, and along with it the entire clan system.

  • It’s scary to learn something unpleasant, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to cope “

Firstly, if you are scared, then the topic is important for you, very resourceful. Secondly, you are given exactly as much as you are now internally ready to admit and accept. If you do this with a specialist, you will learn to see the resource behind every, even unpleasant event.

  • “It’s scary to repeat the mistakes of mom or grandmother”

We are firmly connected to our roots and cannot live apart from them. By rejecting the path of our ancestors, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to transform this vector and continue to live under the influence of programs. It is impossible to heal what is not recognized. Only by accepting, it is possible to transform the system and give it a new life.

What to do to heal the race

How to change female generic programs through the practice of gratitude to ancestors
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To begin with, you can understand the problem and ask yourself a few simple but important questions:

  • How did you feel as a child? Pinched or open?
  • What was the atmosphere in the house? Is it safe or not? Calm or anxious?
  • How does this resonate with your life now?
  • What scenarios did your parents implement?
  • And what of this do you notice in yourself now?

Start researching and drawing parallels between you and your relatives. Remember that systemic patterns do not always work in a linear fashion. Start with the closest ones – grandmothers, great-grandmothers. Find out what they did, who they worked for. What kind of relationships did they have with men, with finances? What were they dreaming of? Try to find out the history of the family, collect photographs. A more thorough step is to go to archives and genealogical centers.

If you do not have the opportunity to find out the history of your ancestors, it’s not scary. All this information is energy that lives in you. It is with this subtle structure that one can work through meditation and therapeutic processes.

The practice of immersion in the birth system

Stay alone with yourself. There should be silence around so that no one and nothing distracts you. Take a deep breath, exhale through your mouth. Close your eyes. It is ideal to wear a mask over the eyes to fully concentrate on the inner sensations.

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Relax your body without crossing your arms and legs. Just watch your breathing for a couple of minutes, keeping your focus on the tip of your nose. This will help you delve deeper into meditation.

Feel behind the left shoulder of all women of the generic system: behind your back are your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and everyone else. Feel the invisible connection that, like a thread of life, stretches from one woman to another. Each has its own story, its own experience, its own pains, but you are connected, and it will always be so.

Feel behind the right shoulder of all the men of the birth system, how a thread of connection is pulled through each of them to you. If you feel that the connection is broken somewhere, mentally restore it. But in general, move with the flow, as the soul feels.

Stretching out and feeling the strings, do not forget to thank everyone for the fact that without him you would not exist. For experience and movement. The energy of gratitude releases a lot of pain. Talk to everyone for 15 minutes or more, creating deeper and deeper contact.

This practice will help you feel connected to your ancestors and work through some grudges and grievances. Do not be surprised if you feel like crying or if you feel emptiness or a surge of energy – all these are the first steps in transformation that will ultimately help change your destiny for the better.

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