Character by hairstyle – psychological test

The hairstyle reflects the character of its owner. Many intuitively make themselves a fashionable short or long haircut, not realizing that it indicates certain personality traits. Therefore, when you first meet a person, it will be useful to know what interesting things his hair can tell.

Character by hairstyle


Girls who often prefer to wear a tail are charismatic, sociable personalities. They love noisy companies, but such ladies have practically no real friends.

The owner of the beam always stands out from the gray mass. She often does extraordinary deeds, prefers an extravagant style of dress.

Women wearing a high bun are creative natures. But they are not able to realize themselves in life due to modesty, self-doubt. Those who prefer low tails are notorious, prone to neuroses.

Long hair

Long-haired women are restrained, reasonable. They are inactive, helpless, and require increased attention. Girls choose gentle and caring men for themselves.

If the hair is wavy, long is a sign of a romantic nature. Women with flowing curls love to flirt and have fun.

A hairstyle with small curls is an indicator that a girl wants to get the maximum amount of attention from the opposite sex. The flirt is easily included in new love adventures, often without thinking about the consequences.

Short haircut

This hairstyle is the choice of proactive, cheerful women who live by their own rules, not paying attention to the opinions of others. They have a great sense of humor, a sharp mind.

The character of the girl by the hairstyle

Short and slightly elongated asymmetrical haircuts demonstrate the energy and creativity of their owner. Such ladies watch their appearance, love to flirt.


Spikelet lovers are open, self-sufficient people. Such women are collected, they can always get what they want.

But girls, often braiding their braids, are rather closed. Those who like more flirty hairstyles tend to be more friendly, though.


The side parting says that the one who wears it is prone to compassion, empathy. It is important for such people to maintain warm relations with relatives and friends.

Girls without parting are distinguished by a firm, calm character. And people experimenting with partings love bright emotions. Therefore, they often radically change their lives, travel, make new acquaintances.

Open forehead and bangs

An open forehead communicates that a person loves the truth, is open to the world. He does not hide anything, he does not like cunning.
And the presence of bangs speaks of special protection. Such a person is mysterious, secretive, closed.

The character of the man and the hairstyle

If a man is satisfied with his hairstyle, wears it all the time, then he is absolutely confident in himself, self-sufficient.

The character of a man by hairstyle

  • Owners of a classic short haircut are decent guys who will not betray under any circumstances.
  • Bald men have similar qualities. Such personalities are distinguished by their sexual temperament. They easily impress women. They are experimenters and leaders.
  • If a guy dyes his hair, he lacks confidence, he wants to draw attention to himself. Blondes have a soft, balanced character. And brunettes are ambitious people with an inner core.
  • Guys who like to slick their hair back have a calm, self-sufficient character. They are very open-minded, creative individuals.
  • If a man chooses medium-length hair, this speaks of his sincerity, openness.
  • Guys with long hair, however, cannot be trusted. They are capricious, lazy, self-centered persons. But long-haired beauties have one indisputable advantage – increased sexuality.

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