Cher and Sonny’s harrowing relationship ends in misery

In an interview with Elle, singer Cher once said that all the others ceased to exist for herwhen she first met Sonny Bono, although then the musician was more interested in her friend. However, fate cannot be fooled! They got married two years later. The year was 1964. She was then only 18 years old, and he was 29. Their family and creative union was the beginning of the era of Cher and Sonny. The two musicians and the singer have found incredible success with the public thanks to their talent and charisma. And after they launched the humorous TV show The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, the couple became incredibly popular.

Cher was choking on the authority of her husband Sonny, but when he died, she fell into depression for a year.
Sonny and Cher

Backroom scandals

The famous couple every week fervently joked from the screens, but “behind the scenes” there were fewer reasons for fun. Cher literally suffocated from the imperiousness of her husband, and he increasingly appeared in the company of young starlets. She tried to escape from a marriage that was bursting at the seams – a scandal erupted.
“I’ve never been as lonely as married to Sonya”, – she will say later … In 1974, both spouses filed for divorce.

What happened in their family?

According to Cher, in the early years she was blinded by love. But after the appearance of the daughter of Chastity (later the daughter changed sex, becoming a man Chaz), their relationship became unbearable:

“After Chez was born, I started to grow up, and Bono resisted it with all his might. He began to kill my spirit and my will.
When it came to divorce, I told him harshly that he could no longer tell me what to do. Sonny just didn’t expect how determined I could be. This is because I have never argued with him. I think we have had no more than three fights in eleven years. He was shocked because my decision meant the end of the Sonny and Cher duo. He loved this work of his whole life more than me, but otherwise he would not have given me freedom. “

Nevertheless, Cher defended and justified her former despot husband in every possible way:

“We had a strange relationship. I don’t think anyone will understand them, because it was our relationship, and overall everything was fine. “

Cher was choking on the authority of her husband Sonny, but when he died, she fell into depression for a year.
Cher with Sonny and daughter

Sonny’s death and lingering depression

In 1998, Sonny Bono died in an accident in the mountains – this shocked Cher to the core.
The singer was very worried about the loss. At the funeral, she sobbed inconsolably, then fell into a prolonged depression … It took her a year to return to life.

“He was so desperate and so funny. Sonny is gone, but he comes to talk to me. And I cry. Every time. I would not be surprised if he is there in heaven protecting me and taking care of me, like in the sixties, when we were together. He has been my soul mate since I met him at 16. He was my mentor, my parent, my husband, my partner, the father of my daughter. It’s a pity that we didn’t succeed in marriage ”.

Over the years, the superstar even finds delights in his own solitude:

“You don’t have to brush your teeth before bed, you don’t have to shave your legs, you can stay at home doing nothing, and no one takes your TV remote. I will not die if there is no man next to me, but I like it when there is someone to hug and kiss. “

Cher was choking on the authority of her husband Sonny, but when he died, she fell into depression for a year.

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