Children’s clothing for newborns – what should future parents buy

Baby clothes for newbornsIt is no secret that while waiting for the baby, many parents try to foresee everything that will be necessary in advance, and maybe even purchase some of the necessary things. They say that it is not worth buying anything in advance for a baby, and this is rather not because of a bad omen, but because gifts for the birth of a child from numerous friends and relatives may contain exactly what you have already purchased. Be that as it may, it is simply necessary to outline a list of acquiring the necessary things for the child so that there is no confusion in this important matter.

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Determining the size of clothes for a newborn baby

Baby clothes for a newborn babyParents-to-be do not need to guess at the size of clothes for a baby – there are special tables, which will help you choose a “dowry” for a newborn in exact accordance with his height and weight. Of course, buying clothes for a child is best done after he is born, knowing his exact weight and height. But it doesn’t matter if in the last month of pregnancy the mother’s parents will stock up on everything they need, because the doctors tell the woman in advance what size and approximately what weight her child will be.

Children’s clothing size chart:

Newborn clothing size chart

Important additions to the choice of clothing for a newborn:

  • Seasoned mothers do not advise parents to buy a lot of clothes of the smallest sizes… Children grow up very, very quickly, and the child will soon grow out of his “dowry”, again puzzling the parents with the purchase of a new wardrobe for the growing child. For newborns, you need to buy only a few sets, and take the rest 1-2 sizes larger.
  • Please be aware that the smallest clothing size for a newborn baby – 50-56 – may be indicated by different manufacturers size 36 or size 18
  • Beanie for newborns are indicated size 1… If the baby is born prematurely or very small, then a hat must be purchased size “0 – there is one in the children’s departments.

We make a wardrobe for a newborn baby

In a modern store there are so many clothes for newborn babies that inexperienced parents literally run their eyes: they can find things for every taste and wallet, of the most diverse quality, color, purpose. And, unlike the well-known time of the total deficit of the Soviet era, today another problem arises: how not to get lost in this variety, and buy what you really need without spending money on something that you can easily do without? In the matter of choosing children’s clothes, a young mother does not need to be guided by the advice of consultants in stores, advertising, advice from girlfriends or people of the older generation. It is best to trust those mothers who have already raised more than one child, and know exactly what a newborn miracle will need.

List of baby clothes, necessary for a newborn baby for the very first time, was compiled according to the reviews of experienced mothers:

  • Warm diapers (diaper size – 1m 20cm x 1m 50cm) – 15-20 pieces, if without diapers, 3-4 pieces, if with diapers.
  • Diapers are thin – 15-20 pieces without diapers, 3-4 pieces if with diapers.
  • Meeting envelope in the hospital (according to the season).
  • Undershirts or light chintz blouses (knitted) – 3-4 pcs.
  • Warm blouses (flannel, brushed jersey) – 2 pcs.
  • Romper for diapers – 2-4 pcs.
  • Cotton socks – 2-3 pairs.
  • Warm socks – 1 pair.
  • Cap, hat – 2 pcs.
  • Warm hat (if the child was born in winter) – 1 pc.
  • Overalls, transformer envelope for the season – 1 pc.
  • Bodysuit with long or short sleeves (according to the season) – 3-4 pcs.
  • Mittens – “scratches»For handles – 2 pairs.
  • Warm mittens (if the baby appears in winter) – 1 pair.
  • Booties – 1-2 pairs.

This list is highly dependent on the time of year when the baby is born. Explore tips for seasonal newborn clothing.

Baby girl clothes

Baby clothes for a newborn girlPreviously, clothes for newborns were not divided into clothes for boys and girls – they were the same for all babies, regardless of their gender. Today, clothes for newborns exist in a wide variety of options, including – and according to the sex of the child… Clothing for girls differs, of course, in a pale pink color, colors with delicate flowers, dolls, clouds.

If the parents-to-be already know for sure that they are expecting a girl, you can buy things from a “girl’s” wardrobe – they differ in the presence of sets with dresses and shorts, lace trim and embroidery, a variety of pajamas, blouses with ruffles, booties.
Set with an envelope for a newborn girl:

Summer set for a newborn girl:
Baby girl clothes set
Warm suit for a newborn girl:
Costume for a newborn girl
Envelope for discharge for a newborn girl:
Envelope for discharge for a newborn girl
A set of clothes with a hat for a newborn girl:
Choosing clothes for newborns
Hats for a newborn girl:
Choosing clothes for newborns

Clothes for newborn boys

Baby clothes for a newborn boyClothing for boys differs from girlish things, of course, in color – it has a blue color, colors in blue tones. Openly “masculine” things may appear in the wardrobe of a newborn boy – romper, stylized as jeans, suits with ties, trousers and “jackets”, overalls, shorts and shirts… For everyday wear, these things, of course, are of no practical value, but as clothes for going out, these wardrobe items may well be.
Clothes set with bodysuit and pajamas for newborn boys:
Choosing clothes for a newborn boy
Jeans for newborn boys:
clothes for newborn
A set of clothes with pajamas for a newborn boy:
Choosing clothes for newborns
Vests and trousers for a newborn boy:
Choosing clothes for newborns
Knitted jumpsuit with booties for a newborn boy:
Choosing clothes for newborns
Set with jeans for a newborn boy:

Useful tips for choosing clothes for a newborn baby

Baby clothes for a newborn boy

  • For parents it is not necessary for a small child to buy things of very bright colors, which are very harmful to the eyes of babies, can irritate them, “put pressure” on them, disturbing and frightening. The same rule applies to the choice of a stroller, crib kits, toys. Clothes for a newborn baby should be light, pastel colors.
  • Going to the store for clothes for a child must go with a pre-written list, otherwise it is very likely that you will acquire a lot of unnecessary things just because you really liked the things.
  • Before purchasing a wardrobe for an unborn child, you must explore the assortment of more than one store, trying on the price, the quality of the products, choosing the most profitable and the best garments.
  • Convenience of clothing is still the most important criterion for choosing clothes for a newborn baby. Try to avoid tight and coarse ties, stiff trims, prickly fabrics, synthetics, buckles, metal buttons and buttons.
  • Choose clothes from 100% natural material, without the presence of synthetics.
  • Since the clothes for the newborn will be stretched and ironed many times, they should be quality and do not “crawl” after the first wash. Loops and seams should be well sealed.
  • It is better to buy undershirts and blouses with buttons on the shoulder – they are more comfortable for the child and more convenient to fasten.
  • Romper with straps Elasticized sliders are preferable because they will not press on the tummy or belly button. There are sliders with adjustable straps, which will be just right for a child and even in a few months.
  • Socks need to be bought a little more than the baby’s footso that they do not squeeze the leg. The same rule applies to booties.
  • If you buy a bodysuit for a child, choose those models that have elastic neck, for easy dressing of the baby. If the neck is stiff and uncomfortable, it will give the child anxiety.
  • Don’t buy a lot of hats – the baby’s head grows faster than other parts of the body and the hats will quickly become small.
  • Diaper Is a very functional piece of wardrobe for a newborn baby. They can serve as sheets, and towels after a bath, and a blanket on a hot day.
  • Back closure on the clothes of a newborn baby are undesirable, because the baby will often lie on the back, and they will press on the delicate skin. For the same reason, it is necessary to avoid rough seams, ruffles, trims on the back of the clothes.
  • Elegant dress or suit for a newborn baby it is necessary to have one, only for “going out” and photo sessions.

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