Children’s constructors for 5-7 years

Types of children's constructors 5+Constructing as a game is not only an interesting pastime and a way to keep your child busy for a couple of hours. First of all, it is one of the most effective teaching tools. The designer develops fine motor skills, promotes the development of creativity, thinking, imagination.

Not a single family with a child can do without constructors. And, the older the child, the wider the choice of constructors, and the more interesting they are.

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Children’s constructors by type of material: which one to choose for a child 5-7 years old?

  • Wooden. Not only primitive constructors are made of wood today, as 30 years ago, but also very interesting ones. Eco-friendly toys have become fashionable, like everything “natural and safe”, so many mothers buy exclusively wooden toys. Cons: the cost of a wooden construction set is higher than plastic construction sets today. In addition, not all manufacturers carefully process the parts – often they come across parts with burrs, which then move as splinters on children’s pens. Of course, you need to choose such a constructor carefully. From the pros: strength, long life, environmental safety. Of the minuses: can not be wet; expensive.
  • Metallic… The range of constructors made from this material is a little more modest in comparison with the previous one. And yet there is where to roam. The prices are not too exorbitant, but you should take a closer look at the quality of the metal. Pros: strength, durability.
  • Plastic. Most Popular. They are easy to clean, lightweight and practical, you can swim with them in the bathroom, and the assortment is so wide that you can find a constructor at a very reasonable price.
  • Ceramic. Yes, there are some. The parts are usually durable and beautifully painted. It is pleasant to deal with such a constructor. Cons: fragility.
  • Soft. This type of constructor includes toys of different sizes made of foamed polymers or textiles. The constructors are very affordable, extremely pleasant to use, lightweight and soft. Cons: quickly deteriorate.

Types of constructors: what toy to choose for a child 5-7 years old?

Age 5-7 years is the most “golden” for choosing a designer. The child is still small to love construction sets – and is already old enough to play with their complex types.

Buying a construction kit for your preschooler, you, in fact, prepare him for school, training in the field of logical thinking, fine motor skills, mental activity, creativity.

What types of constructors are suitable for a child of this age?

1. Cubes

The classic version. The price depends on the material, the size of the cubes, the firm, etc.

Cubes - the simplest constructor for a child 5-7 years old

Cubes can be small or huge, fabric and plastic, wood or foam.

If the child does not have enough building materials for games, pay attention to the cubes. Their relevance is almost eternal.

2. Inserts

This constructor is suitable for a child 5 years old, if only presented in a complicated version. It is no longer interesting to just put balls into round holes at this age.

In-ear constructors for a child 5-7 years old

One of the most popular options: architecture, fairy-tale castles or cars (military equipment), created in the form of constructors from thick durable cardboard.

They are assembled by fastening parts through grooves, and figures are often attached to them for further play.

3. Constructors in the form of a mosaic

Very fascinating toys, bright, made of different materials. Develops memory and fine motor skills.


This also includes 3D constructors, which are more complex and assembled into three-dimensional shapes.

There are three drawbacks to such a constructor: they are expensive, then it is inconvenient to play with them (usually these figures are hidden on the shelves, for beauty), and there is no scope for imagination (only one figure can be assembled).

4. Magnetic

When assembled, this “contour” toy becomes the “skeleton” of a building, animal, equipment, etc. Flexible and thin sticks with metal balls with magnets at the ends contribute to the development of imagination and imagination.

Magnetic constructors 5+

However, there are a huge variety of types of magnetic constructors today, but the most important thing is to make sure that they are safe, have a certificate, and high-quality fastening of magnets.

Among the most popular manufacturers of such toys are Magformers and Magnetic.

5. Tubular and curved

No less interesting and popular toys.

Tubular and curved constructors 5+

The tubes are thin and hollow inside, made of plastic. It is interesting to collect towers and cars from them, various labyrinths and figures, and so on.

The parts are very soft, they bend and wrinkle perfectly, while not losing quality and properties.

6. Building constructors

A modern toy, which may include mini-copies of real building materials (more precisely, their safe copies), from cement and sand to bricks and blocks.

Building constructors 5+

Of course, construction tools are also included.

If your child is a future builder or architect (usually they show their talents already in childhood), such a toy will be very useful.

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7. Electronic

Option for a child 6-7 years old. The toys are very expensive, multifunctional and interesting even for adults.

As a rule, the kit includes diodes, resistors, light bulbs, microcircuits, etc.

Electronic constructors 5+

With the help of such a constructor, you can assemble a radio-controlled car, a small lighting fixture or an ordinary switch. Girls are not always interested in such toys, but it will even be useful for a boy to get acquainted with the basics of electronics and physics.

Among the most popular Russian manufacturers of such toys are “Expert” and “Matryoshka”.

8. Robotics

Extremely popular construction sets that are much more interesting to collect than a house of blocks. And assembling a robot in person is always more fun than buying.

Robotics constructors 5+

With the help of your dad, you can create insect robots, humanoids, controlled wheel monsters, and so on.

Robotics is a great option for parents who are desperate in their attempts to wean their child from gadgets. Buy a robo-constructor! The child will not play with gadgets, he will make them himself.

Among the most popular are Huna (from 3000-4000 rubles), Gigo (about 4000-5000 rubles) and Lego (from 17000 rubles).

9. Bolted metal

Such sets, recommended for children by the Soviet teacher Nikitin, were in childhood with the grandparents of modern children. And they are still relevant, useful and interesting.

Bolt-on metal constructors 5+

The kit usually includes metal parts that can be connected anywhere with bolts and nuts. You can even assemble a car from these parts – reliable and sturdy. All toys are strong enough not to break or bend.

You can look for interesting options for such constructors from Russian manufacturers of the Tenth Kingdom or, for example, the Wunderkind.

10. Lego

There are many Lego options presented today, and the brand remains the most popular in the segment of constructors for children in many countries.

Lego constructors 5+

Of course, the option with small details is the most interesting at this age, but you should not refuse a large Lego either.

Minus of any Lego: high price. A small box about 20-30 cm in size will cost 4-5 thousand rubles.

It is important to note that cunning Chinese manufacturers have adapted to churn out Lego-like constructors that are even compatible with them. But the quality certainly loses out.

11. Soft, large, modular

Not every mother will buy such a soft construction set for her child. But in vain.

This floor-standing modular version of the construction set not only brings children a lot of pleasure, but also calms the psyche, relieves stress, and develops.

Soft, large, modular constructors 5+

If there is enough space in your apartment, do not deprive the child of such pleasure!

Of course, you need to make sure you have the certificate and the safety of the materials.

12. Wooden

Among the variety of modern wooden constructors, there are most often popular options for young builders. To create a fortress, palace or a whole farm with buildings with your own hands – what could be more interesting in 5 years?

The details usually look like small logs, and the instructions allow you to easily assemble the model according to the existing scheme – or because of your imagination.

Wooden constructors 5+

The most interesting constructors are found at the Czech company WALACHIA, at the German Haba, the Austrian Matador and the Swiss Kuboro, as well as Russian manufacturers Ten Kingdom and Lesovichok.

The cost of the set (the number of parts may exceed 800) – 700-5000 rubles.

13. Fur / terry balls

Girls will love this constructor.

Fur / terry balls, constructors 5+

Collecting it is easy, and the fluffy result will be cute in any case – no matter what the child collects.

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