Children’s Sermon John 13 31 35

The last part of the Children’s Sermon John 13:31-35 is an important part of the sermon. The disciples are about to depart from Jesus, and they are filled with conflicting emotions. However, love is the glue that holds the disciples together. Even though they are about to be betrayed, they will be bound by this love. The last words of Jesus to them are, “It is now time for the Son of Man to be glorified.”

Jesus’ last words to his followers are important to understand as a Christian. He calls us to love one another with all our hearts, even our enemies. His commandment to love one another covers everything from doing a simple task for another person to risk his or her life. No matter what our background is, we can be loved and forgiven through Christ. So, how do we live as disciples? By loving our neighbor as ourselves, we share God’s love and hope.

Jesus says in verse 31 that he has been forgiven for denying him. But, he still continues to work hard for the church. After all, some people were criticizing him for being with the wrong crowd. But, Jesus has already overcome that accusation, and this is what we need to remember today. He is the new commandment. This commandment is for us. So, let us live as if we were living in his presence.

In a Children’s Sermon on John 13, we will look at Peter and his disciples. Peter was the first disciple, and he was denied by Jesus. But, he was forgiven and he works hard for the church. Some critics criticized him because he was associated with the wrong crowd. Despite the criticism, Peter was still willing to work hard for the church. He told the children that he would soon die, but that his death would not mean the end of the world.

We also need to look at Jesus’ teachings in this chapter. He says, “Love one another” in a way that reaches beyond the mundane. The words of Jesus speak of love for one another, including others. This is why this is such an important part of the Children’s Sermon. If you have children, make them aware of this passage. They will enjoy this great lesson! Themes that are covered in this section include the importance of love. The Bible is a living example of this.

In this children’s sermon, Jesus tells the disciples to love one another. This is a good example of the value of loving one’s neighbor. He says, “Love your enemies and do not hate them.” This is a “new commandment” and we need to follow it. The Bible teaches us to love one another, so we must show this in our actions and words. If we do so, we will show that love is our greatest strength.

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