Children’s Sermon John 17 20 26

Using a children’s sermon is a great way to connect with your audience and help them learn the Bible’s teachings. In this lesson, you’ll use the text in John 17:1-10 to share with your congregation. The lessons will include teaching notes, craft directions, coloring pages, games, and worksheets. This resource also includes a video demonstration of a craft. You can use this resource for your Sunday school program or to teach your children at home.

The gospel of John often uses the term “the world” to describe those who oppose Jesus. Those who oppose Him are opposed to God. Therefore, in this sermon, Jesus prays that he would bring unity between his followers and the Father, and that all things be brought to God’s reconciliation. The disciples and the world would come to know and believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and the Word of God.

The gospel of John uses the term “the world” to describe those who oppose Jesus. But we need to remember that He is God’s Son, and He came into the world for the sake of the world. In His prayer to the Father, Jesus prays for unity among his followers, as well as between Himself and the Father. It’s a powerful way to encourage your children to learn about the gospel, and to share it with others.

In the gospel of John, Jesus often uses the word “the world” to refer to the ones who oppose Him. The world was his mission, and He came into the world for His people’s good. In His prayers, Jesus prays for the unity of his disciples and the Father. He wants his followers to be effective witnesses of His Son. In this way, His followers will bring the world to believe in Him and become the Christ.

As Jesus speaks to His followers, He expresses his confidence in his ability to fulfill His mission. His faith will lead them to carry out their mission as witnesses of His teachings, and they will be effective in bringing people to believe that He is the Christ, the Son of God. If you want to teach your children the gospel, consider this verse. This text will make your kids eager to learn about the Bible.

In the gospel of John, Jesus frequently uses the word “the world” to refer to those who oppose his mission. In this chapter, he is praying for the unity of the church and the world. In a children’s sermon, you can explore this passage with your children and help them understand the message of the passage. When you read the passage carefully, you will be able to discern that it’s about God’s love.

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