choose a drawing and find out your main feature

Do not underestimate and be skeptical about the “blots” of psychologist Hermann Rorschach. His theory of assessing personality by what a person sees in ink blots, nevertheless, has passed the test of time and has not lost its relevance at all.

If you look at these six drawings and choose one that you particularly like, then you will find out what your dominant character trait is. Let’s try?

rorschach test
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren
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Rorschach test: pick one drawing and find out your main character trait

No. 1

You are a realist and prefer minimalism and simplicity in everything… Empathy and kindness for people and all living things are in your blood! Despite your unpretentiousness, you still value comfort, convenience and practicality in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife. Plus, you have a sense of style.

No. 2

You believe in yourself and are not afraid of difficulties at all… You know how to be successful in any business, and nothing will stop you. You approach any task realistically and methodically perform it with the best results. People around you appreciate your assertiveness and very powerful willpower.

No. 3

You are a carefree and easy person, but you have a rather vulnerable soul.… You can easily find a common language with those around you. You love to enjoy your own freedom and therefore do not rush to tie yourself into a serious relationship. You often think about the meaning of your existence and try to get rid of depressive thoughts.

No. 4

You are very optimistic and have a great sense of humor. You love freedom, but you don’t like unpredictability and surprises. Moreover, you are afraid and avoid changes in life. You like to get new knowledge and impressions, but with all your positive traits, you have a big disadvantage – excessive emotionality.

No. 5

You love to dream, and your personality has always been guided and guided by feelings., therefore, you have not yet fully realized and understood your inner world and your qualities. You prefer to rely only on your own strength in everything. There is only one advice for you: go forward through life with ease and joy, without getting too hung up on your own emotions.

No. 6

You are too dependent on external approval and other people’s opinions.… You try to please everyone, but it’s high time for you to live your mind and move on, without looking back at anyone. Follow only your preferences, aspirations, thoughts and beliefs.

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