Choose a lipstick and find out what attracts people to you

Did you know that lipstick has its own day of the year – and it’s July 29th! So prepare ahead of time to celebrate fully armed.

There are many different shades and lipstick textures, and your choice, of course, reflects your personality traits, including hidden (or explicit and prominent) dignity.

Pick your color and find out what people like the most about you.

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French test: pick a lipstick color and find out what attracts people to you

Lipstick 1

If you don’t already know this, then people like your enthusiasm and zeal with which you take on any business. By the way, you quickly distinguish failed projects from promising ones and do not flatter yourself with promises and rosy forecasts. You are actively building your life with your own hands, and you know what to do to achieve your goals. Your perseverance and ambition are also your advantages, which cause admiration among others.

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Lipstick 2

You will be surprised, but your hair is what immediately catches the eye. You, of course, can be critical of your own hairstyle, but know that your strength is hidden in your hair, almost like the biblical Samson. Taking the risk of a bold haircut or a radical color change (something outside your comfort zone) will only enhance your look. You will look flawless without much effort. Also, keep your hair trimmed as it benefits you.

Lipstick 3

You are an open, affable and sociable person who will never deny support and help to anyone. You have a heart of gold, and you seem to glow from the inside thanks to your energy of kindness and understanding. It is for these qualities that people value you very highly. Nevertheless, you do not allow anyone to sit on your neck and you can fight back enemies and offenders. You never hide your true intentions and prefer to voice only the truth.

Lipstick 4

You are a rebel and freedom-loving person who despises conventions and restrictions. You can easily let go of the past and enjoy the moment of the present day. Such lightness and lack of obsession with things and events evoke strong sympathy for you. You are not aware of either despondency or depression, you know how to straighten your shoulders and breathe deeply in any situation. Probably, no problem can break you.

Lipstick 5

Do you know what is most attractive about you? Your lips! Whatever shape they are, it is still the most expressive part of your face. Your lips never go unnoticed, even if you underestimate them. This is your special thing, so use it to create an aura of attraction for those around you.

Lipstick 6

You are a true master of style, and the feeling of beauty is in your blood. You dress however you want and combine things so naturally that people can’t help but admire you. Traditional colors and patterns that can seem boring look invariably amazing on you because you know how to add a special chic to your look.

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