choose a lotus flower and clarify the current situation

In Hinduism and Buddhism, the lotus flower is associated with purity and beauty, and in Egyptian culture, it symbolizes rebirth and even the universe itself. In India, it is believed that the gods sit on thrones made of lotus, and according to Buddhist legend, Buddha appeared from this flower. In any case, the lotus is an amazingly delicate and mysterious creation of nature, causing immense admiration.

Here are images with several different lotus flowers. Determine which one you like best and immediately grabbed your attention. He will help clarify your current situation.

Quiz: Pick a lotus flower and it will help clarify the situation you are in
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Quiz: Pick a lotus flower and it will help clarify the situation you are in

Lotus 1

Your situation is not the easiest, but quite solvable. Now you need to stay calm and be as cool-headed as possible. If you want to actively express your feelings, pull yourself together and know that now is not the time for emotions. The longer you hold back, the better.

Remember that sometimes it’s better to let go of what’s bothering you than to show the people who are hurting you how much they affect you. No matter how difficult it may seem, you are strong and will definitely cope with everything.

Lotus 2

At the moment, you should carefully consider all your actions. When you react impulsively and spontaneously, you run the risk of incurring serious trouble that you have to clean up for more than one day. Focus on yourself now and don’t try to make everyone else happy.

Spend some time thinking about your financial situation and work to improve it. Perhaps you are now feeling out of place, so you need to understand everything and find stability. By the way, you are doing much better than you think.

Lotus 3

You are tormented by the fact that you cannot change the situation and influence it, but this lotus is a reminder that you do not need to become a victim. Just tackle the problems you are facing, but think about yourself and prioritize correctly. All of this won’t last forever.

In the near future, you will be able to look back and realize that you are one of the best fighters. You also need to get rid of all toxic personalities in your life. Clear your personal space!

Lotus 4

Lately you have felt that you are in chaos and you are a little at a loss. You may even experience bouts of irritation and anger, and therefore cannot move on. Let go of the situation and know that you should be indifferent to other people’s thoughts and opinions.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, you need to do something completely opposite. Instead of giving in to discouragement, you should organize your own entertainment. Spend this time with the people you care about.

Lotus 5

Your life is going well, and while you may not quite like your pace and progress, you are still making good progress. Remember to thank the Universe every day. At the moment, the more time you spend with loved ones, the better.

Maybe slowing down and giving yourself time to rest will help you relax. Lately, you have been working for wear and tear, and this is noticeable. There is nothing wrong with taking a break and starting reboot mode.

Lotus 6

Your emotional trauma is deeper than you are willing to admit, and you need to deal with it. The problems that occupy your mind are associated with your complexes and fears, which means that you should work hard on them.

You don’t feel like you are right now, so you need big changes. Stop being afraid of everything, step into the unknown and give yourself a chance for a fresh start. What you are facing right now cannot knock you off your feet unless you yourself allow it to happen.

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