choose one girl and get a philosophical message

“The ideals that light my path and give me the courage to look at life with joy are goodness, truth and beauty.” Albert Einstein.

In this test, you are asked to choose one picture of the girl that attracts you the most. Do not think about the reason and motives for your choice, but completely trust your intuition. Your choice will give you a philosophical message for your life that you clearly need to reflect on.

Quiz: Pick One Girl And Get The Philosophical Message You Need Today
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren
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Quiz: Pick One Girl And Get The Philosophical Message You Need Today

1. Life

This picture carries the message that sadness is a legacy of the past and anxiety is a fear of the future. Your past is your foundation, it has hardened your character and brought you experience, but it is not you now. The past is long gone, and you have already learned your lessons well. It’s time to let go of yesterday with ease in order to fully and purposefully live in the present.

2. Love

You are a kind and sympathetic person, guided in everything by love. Regardless of the circumstances, you do everything from the heart and from the bottom of your heart, so everything that you give will one day return to you. Maybe not in the way you expect, or not when you want, but it will always come back. Know that all actions done with sincere love will allow you to achieve much in life.

3. Prosperity

Remember that it is your beliefs that build and shape your reality. This picture reminds you that every problem always has its solution, every struggle has its own victory. You have enough strength to overcome bad moods and negative thoughts, and any of your desires has the potential to come true. You will soon realize that your battles today will be your greatest achievements tomorrow.

4. Strength

You can’t control everything in your life. Remember that you are not responsible for everything that happens around you, but you are responsible for how you react to it. If you stumble and fall, don’t give up or judge yourself. Your message is a reminder that when a person knows where they are going and is moving forward steadily every day, life itself will take care to pave the way for them. You are the main “sponsor” of your dreams, so keep going and they will certainly come true.

5. Courage

You are a person with big dreams, ambitious goals and enough talent to make them come true, although fear sometimes stops you. Don’t be afraid to take action, even if you’ve lost your way and lost your way. Much worse if you don’t start walking out of fear of getting lost. Success is very real, but luck favors those people who fight non-stop to achieve their desires. The power to become who you want to be lies within you.

6. Mindset

Your thoughts are very powerful, and although they are intangible and intangible, they are quite capable of both creating and building, and destroying, breaking and spoiling. The direction of your life depends on your thoughts, therefore, you need to strive only for positive thinking, as constructive and creative. You will be surprised how much your life can change once you decide to change your own way of thinking.

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