Choosing a sport by your zodiac sign

“Sport is life” – you’ve probably heard this phrase. We resort to physical education when we strive to lose weight or improve our health. Did you know that our sporting preferences are largely determined by our zodiacal affiliation? We talked with astrologers and asked them what kind of sports it is better to do for a particular zodiac sign. We are ready to share their answers with you!

Zodiac sign sport


Aries are energetic, lively and cheerful people. They prefer to lead an active lifestyle. Astrologers advise them to do athletics or wrestling, for example, karate. By nature, Aries are brave and stubborn, so they are happy to engage in team sports. For example, basketball, soccer, or volleyball works well for them.

Note! Aries, according to astrologers, your “Achilles heel” is the nasopharynx. That is why boxing is highly discouraged.


There are practically no eccentric and energetic Taurus. They are balanced and calm people who prefer creativity over sports. But, this does not mean that physical activity is contraindicated for them. Taurus is better off doing gymnastics or ballroom dancing. Also biathlon or weightlifting will suit them.


Agile, energetic people who never sit around. They love team sports. They achieve success in chess, fencing, table tennis. Astrologers believe that Gemini needs to choose a sport in which the main thing is the competitive moment. Competing with other people, representatives of this zodiac sign reveal their best sides.

Sports horoscope by zodiac signs


Very gentle, sensitive nature. Cancers treat intense sports training with indifference, even with hostility. Nevertheless, sports are as good for them as for everyone else. Synchronized swimming is recommended for representatives of this zodiac sign. Rhythmic gymnastics is also suitable for them.

a lion

Persistent personalities born under the constellation Leo are ready to prove their primacy to everyone. Leaders by nature need to patronize someone. That is why astrologers advise Leo to engage in team sports or martial arts.

Beforehow to do some kind of approach, for example, 10 squats, these natures should seek the approval of others. Delighted cheers from the audience help Leos achieve high results in sports.


Virgos are great performers. They are hard workers by nature, ready to bring everything to perfection. Representatives of this constellation are perfect for sports in which you need to carefully work out movements (rhythmic gymnastics, sports or ballroom dancing). Astrologers claim that Virgos will be more successful in sports if they listen to reputable coaches.

Ballroom dancing to Virgo


Libras are people without a competitive streak. They look for harmony in everything, value comfort and measuredness. Team sports are definitely not for Libra. They are creative people who strive to look for beauty even in their body movements, so they often go in for figure skating or dancing. To reach heights in sports, individuals born under the constellation Libra should gain experience from their coaches for a long time.


Scorpios are willing to take risks. They are reckless and easy-going. Power sports are great for such natures, and not only weightlifting. Scorpios become excellent hockey players, swimmers, basketball players, football players, etc. And also ski jumping is suitable for them according to the horoscope.


Sagittarius is one of the most athletic signs in the zodiac. Representatives of this constellation are hardy, fit, have excellent immunity. They rarely sit at home in good weather, preferring active rest to passive.

Almost any of the famous sports is suitable for Sagittarius. For example, they can go in for swimming, athletics, basketball, long jumping, horse riding, etc. But weightlifting is contraindicated for them due to weak triceps!

Horse riding for Sagittarius


People born under the constellation Capricorn are strong, determined and demanding. They have excellent physical characteristics and strong immunity. Capricorns are advised to give preference to singles over team sports. Only in them will they be able to achieve success. For example, athletics or fitness is perfect for them. Astrologers also advise Capricorns to do yoga or Pilates.


Representatives of this zodiac sign are very curious, active and sociable. Aquarians prefer team sports to singles, and they do it right! These personalities will find an approach to anyone, even to the stubborn Capricorns. Aquarians are born extremists. They can skydive or climb mountain slopes while skiing.

Advice! Aquarians, stars encourage your love of life and encourage you to walk more. In this case, you will significantly improve your health.


Well, these representatives of the element of Water love to highlight like no other. They like doing something unusual, exciting. Well, the sport Pisces choose the appropriate one. For example, golf or synchronized swimming is great for them. They can also go rollerblading, cycling, horseback riding. But Pisces do not forget about the prestigious team sports, for example, about football, so they often become successful in them.

Fish roller skating
Woman with rollerblades

What sport do you like? Share your answer in the comments!

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