Chris Johnson Baseball Net Worth

Chris Johnson – Baseball Net Worth

Whether you consider Chris Johnson a great player or not, he is certainly a celebrity. During his playing days, he had more hits than a small child, was a member of the A-Sun Freshman of the Year award, and hit a grand slam in his first professional game. His father, Ron Johnson, is a former MLB player and coach.

Chris Johnson is a right handed infielder with a career batting average of.275 and a fWAR of -0.3. He played with five teams between 2009 and 2016, racking up a total of 839 games and 341 at bats. The most impressive stat was his 91/26 K/BB ratio, which was the best mark in the league.

In announcing their plan to cut ties with Johnson, the Indians are hoping to avoid the ignominy of having to pay him his money, a hefty amount of it. They also hope that he can help them win a few more baseball games in the coming years.

Chris Johnson has a net worth of $9 million. Most pro baseball players earn far less, especially those that are not particularly successful. Generally speaking, a top-flight player can earn $25 million per year. For comparison, the average MLB player makes around $3 million annually. On the low end, you can get by with just a little more than $1 million.

According to, the most notable stat for a third baseman is his strikeouts-to-walks ratio. For most of his professional career, Chris Johnson has managed to make this a priority, but he is still a work in progress. When Johnson was traded to Arizona in July of 2012, he was expected to regain a starting position at third base. However, he was pushed into a reserve role and lost that job to Juan Uribe.

Despite that, he still has a decent shot at making it as an elite hitter. Last season, he posted a.273 batting average and struck out more than a dozen times. As an extra bonus, he was one of just six players to reach the 50-RBI plateau.

If you were to take a stab at guessing Johnson’s net worth, you might have thought he was the world’s most popular celebrity. His social media accounts are a testament to this. While his Twitter account is mostly about his philanthropic endeavors, he does occasionally update his fans on his baseball exploits.

Considering his impressive social presence, it’s no wonder he has a net worth that’s well beyond his peers. His family is a strong one: his father, Ron Johnson, was a MLB player and coach, and his brother, Ryan, is a former professional baseball player and current college basketball player. Also, his son is currently a student at Stetson University. And, of course, his wife is a philanthropist, which means his net worth is likely to increase.

The Indians have their hands full with Johnson and other high-end free agents, but they don’t seem to mind. They’ve made a smart move in trading for him, but they need to find another player to give him a run for his money in 2015.

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