Christopher Jarecki Net Worth

Christopher Jarecki Net Worth

Christopher Jarecki is an American punk singer, musician, actor, and radio host. He was born on October 4, 1976 in California. As an actor and musician, he has toured with several famous artists, including Marilyn Manson. In addition to acting and music, he has also been active in animal rights activism. The musician is vegan, and has been involved in animal rescue.

He married Alicia Silverstone in 2005. However, they separated in 2018. They have one son together, Bear Blu Jarecki. After their separation, Jarecki received a substantial divorce settlement. He must pay Alicia $12,000 a month for the next three years. If he lives with another romantic partner for five months, his financial obligations will be terminated.

When he was a teen, he began acting in movies and television shows. Eventually, he joined a band called S.T.U.N., which stands for “Scream Towards the Uprising of Nonconformity.” He was lead vocalist in the group. His lyrics promoted socialist thought and criticized the influence of American imperialism. His band drew heavily on bands such as Rage Against the Machine.

During the early aughts, he was known to the LA punk-rock scene. After he signed a record deal with Geffen Records in 2002, he started performing with several other musicians. With his band, he has been touring extensively. This includes shows at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Christopher Jarecki has been in the media for his relationship with actress Alicia Silverstone. Their relationship began in 1997, when the couple met outside a movie theater. Afterward, they dated for about seven years, before getting engaged. Later, they married in a Lake Tahoe ceremony. On March 15, 2016, the couple filed for divorce. Upon the filing, Alicia and Christopher agreed that they would remain close friends, and that they would co-parent their son, Bear.

Christopher Jarecki has a net worth of $3.5 million. He has a long list of musical accomplishments, as well as numerous awards. He has toured with Marilyn Manson, Jane’s Addiction, and The Used. Also, his band has been named “Artist to Watch” by Rolling Stone magazine.

He is currently the frontman of the punk band The Bathroom Murders. They released their first album in 2009, and often perform live in Los Angeles. Additionally, he has a radio show, A Musical Journey with Christopher Jarecki. It is broadcast on GTFU Radio. Through this radio show, he encourages guests to share their background and music.

Before his marriage, he was referred to as Christiane J. The couple’s wedding ceremony included vegan food. Alicia Silverstone has a vegan diet, and she is also an animal rights activist. She has four dogs, including a bulldog. One of the dogs is named The Pig.

Christopher and Alicia have been dating for over eight years before they got engaged. Christopher proposed to Alicia with a ring that belonged to her grandmother. But the pair broke up in 2018. At the time of their divorce, the couple had a nine-year-old son, Bear Blu Jarecki. Both parties requested physical custody.

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