Chrystal Evans Hurst Net Worth

Despite her burgeoning popularity, it is unclear how much Chrystal Evans Hurst’s net worth is. She was born in Dallas, Texas, the eldest of four children to Dr. Tony and Lois Evans. Her parents were Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship pastors. Her brother Jonathan is an ex-NFL player, and her cousin Anthony Evans Hurst sings in the Christian choir.

Although her net worth is modest, she still makes an impact. Despite her modest start, she is now a published author and has written several books, including Show Up For Your Life and She’s Still There: Rescue the Girl Within. Her father co-authored Kingdom Woman, her latest book. She also maintains a blog called Chrystal’s Chronicles.

Despite her small net worth, Chrystal Evans Hurst is very active in her community. She is an author, motivational speaker and a wife. Jessie Hurst is her husband. She has five children. While she has not had a particularly successful romantic life, she attributes her faith to getting her through some tough times. It is unclear how much she earns from her YouTube channel, but it is likely to be close to $2 million.

Chrystal Evans Hurst, a Christian speaker, author and worship leader, is Chrystal Evans Hurst. Her husband Jessie and their children have become a successful family. She speaks at many conferences across the country and has a successful social media platform. And while she’s a popular blogger, she also serves as the Chief Operating Officer at her church and on her wiki.

Chrystal Evans Hurst’s net worth is not known, but she is a Christian worship leader who has a large following on social media. She was born in Dallas, Texas. She has three siblings: Jonathon Evans, her older brother, and Tony and Anthony Evans, her younger brothers. Jonathon Evans, her older brother, is an NFL player and serves as a Dallas Cowboys chaplain. Anthony Evans, a Christian singer, has released many albums and appeared in many movies.

Chrystal Evans Hurst is a well-known motivational speaker and author. With her father Tony Evans, she co-authored “Kingdom Woman”. She began speaking at various venues in 2013, encouraging women to live their best lives. She was an assistant at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, and she also led the women’s ministry.

The author, speaker, and television host Tony Evans’ net worth is approximately $10 million. Both are members the God’s Leading Lady. Their net worth is expected to reach $10,000,000 by 2022. The couple also have two great grandchildren. They were married for more than five decades and have two sons. Their children are Christian singer Anthony and Jonathan Blake. While they may not be rich, their family is close to their hearts.

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