Cm Punk Go To Sleep John Cena

In the first match of the WWE Money in the Bank match, CM Punk defeated WWE Champion John Cena with a clothesline. After that, CM Punk turned heel and became the main villain for John. He was upset with the way he was treated, feeling like he wasn’t treated the same way as the other superstars in the ring. After the match, he left the WWE and returned a month later.

This match was a filler bout for the PPV program. Before the Nexus interference, the two seemed to not be working well together. Although the match lasted just five minutes, it was obvious that neither man was on the same page. However, CM Punk’s charisma and the crowd’s support made him a good candidate for the PPV event. The result was a PPV match, which means the two men have the opportunity to fight each other again in the future.

When CM Punk was able to win the Money in the Bank PPV match, he said he had been blown away by the crowd and wanted to leave as the WWE Champion. After a couple of hours, CM Punk’s contract with WWE had expired. In addition, CM Punk’s announcement that he was leaving the company was a shock to many fans.

The match between CM Punk and John Cena was an amazing and emotional encounter. The WWE has long admired CM Punk, but it is unfortunate that both superstars had trouble with the crowd. They had trouble winning over an 18+ male audience, especially during his feud with The Rock. But these issues were not enough to keep John Cena from fighting CM Punk. The two had huge fans both in the crowd and at home.

In the Money in the Bank PPV match, John Cena said that he wanted to leave the company as the WWE Champion. Then he pinned Cena with GTS and kissed Vince McMahon. This was a great moment for the fans. The fight was a memorable one, and the crowd loved it. But the two wrestlers had a lot of problems.

CM Punk and John Cena’s rivalry was a perfect example of a “Punk in Punk” match. Both superstars had trouble with the crowd and were booed by fans during their feud. Then, they faced The Rock. The first match between CM Punk was a great example of how two superstars can have a successful and infamous relationship.

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