Coconut mattresses for children – top 5 best models

The question of which mattress to buy for a child began to worry me when we began to change the baby’s crib for a school version. I wanted to sleep comfortably, comfortably, and at the same time make sure that no deformations occurred in a dream due to an incorrect position. I think it’s not worth saving on such things. I studied a lot of reviews on the Internet, asked friends, acquaintances and even took advice from a podiatrist. My choice fell on coconut mattresses. And today, on the instructions of the Bologny editors, I will tell you which models I consider the best.

What is coconut coir and why do I choose coconut mattresses?

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Popularly, orthopedic mattresses based on coconut coir are called “coconut”. In our mind, a coconut is something hard and difficult to break down. But many assume that the bark of the coconut fruit itself serves as the filling for the mattress, respectively, these people are mistaken, preferring softer material to such material.

Coconut coir is a plant fiber of the intercarp of the coconut and is not so much a solid material as it is durable.

Its basic advantages:

  • The material is moisture resistant. Or rather, it does not let water through at all, repels it.
  • The material does not rot. No moisture, no dry air, no frost can destroy the coconut coir.

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Why choose a coconut mattress

Mattresses based on coconut coir are considered orthopedic and very useful for a child. Their orthopedic properties are especially useful when the child already has diseases of the musculoskeletal system or a predisposition to them.


Benefits of coconut mattresses:

  • Rigidity… The degree of hardness of a coconut mattress determines its effectiveness, the higher it is, the more useful the mattress is for your child’s back, as well as for his healthy sleep.
  • Ventilation… The fibrous structure of the filler allows air to pass through the entire mattress, thereby ensuring the safety of the bed (bugs and harmful microorganisms will not start in it).
  • Long service… In addition, the coconut mattress does not absorb moisture and various odors, which will ensure long-term service.
  • Hypoallergenic… It is very rare for coconut coir to cause an allergic reaction. almost never. If you know that your child is prone to allergies, then it is better to consult a doctor, as well as with the specialists from whom you purchase the mattress.
  • Ideal for newborns… These mattresses are perfect for newborn babies. As mentioned above, they are safe, and will also become an excellent basis for the correct formation of the musculoskeletal system in a baby.

The only but essential disadvantage coconut mattresses are their cost, not every parent will have to afford it. However, who will save on the health of their own children?

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Top 5 best models

1. Sontelle 6 Cocos

Sontelle 6 cocos
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Universal mattress with medium firmness. Can be used as a topper. A huge advantage of the model – you can put it on an old ordinary mattress, then it will become orthopedic. The coir layer is 6 cm. It comes with a beautiful quilting that adds extra comfort. The model provides reliable protection for the child’s spine. Suitable for children with osteochondrosis.

2. Vivre Total Palm by Sontel

Vivre Total Palm by Sontel
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A very comfortable model. Suitable for both sick and healthy children. Coir layer – 12 cm. Withstands up to 130 kg of weight. The kit comes with a fluffy case that adds convenience. The main advantage of the model is the micromassage effect. The Vivre Total Palm mattress is incredibly comfortable and durable.

3. Benartti Roll Max Hard

Benartti roll max hard
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This is a tall but very high quality model. Hardy, durable. Great for low beds. The firmness of the mattress is medium. Sleeping on it is very convenient and comfortable. The Benartti Roll Max Hard mattress can even be laid on the floor. The main material besides coconut coir is artificial latex. The model is mobile, rolls up.

4. Comfort Line Mix Puff Mini

Comfort Line Mix Puff Mini
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Very comfortable mattress. Withstands loads up to 120 kg. The model is two-sided, that is, you can sleep on one or the other side (one is more rigid). The mattress is quite high, multi-layered. Layers of latex and coconut lycra alternate. Supports the child’s back in the correct position.

5. DreamLine Orto Soft

DreamLine Orto Soft
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The huge advantage of this model is its 100% natural composition. Hardness is moderate. Height – 9 cm. The model is very pleasant to the touch, soft. Provides pleasant and comfortable sleep. Supports the back in the correct position. Ideal for children with back pain.

What should you look for when buying?

  1. Before purchasing a coconut-based mattress, pay attention to the presence of separation of the zones of hardness. In children’s mattresses, the presence of different hardness zones is usually provided. For example, it is known that during sleep a large load falls on the shoulders and hips, therefore, in children’s mattresses, a zonal decrease in stiffness is provided in these areas. Your child’s mood and, of course, his development depends on the comfort of your child’s sleep.
  2. It is also necessary to make sure that the mattress will be comfortable for its future owner. Take your child with you to the store before making your final choice. Let him lie on different mattresses and choose the most comfortable one for him.
  3. And do not forget that in our time they love to counterfeit well-known brands, so do not be lazy to make sure that you have a certified product and, of course, first find out the prices for this mattress on the Internet.

What mattress do you have? Share with us in the comments!

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