Bologny’s 13 Top Makeup Trends of 2021

With the help of makeup, we can not only emphasize our beauty, but also express ourselves, creating completely different images depending on our mood.

In a new article, we have collected the most current makeup trends of 2021 that will help you always look charming.

1. Makeup without makeup

This trend has long been a leader in the beauty industry, which is not surprising – after all, naturalness is in fashion. Such makeup will not take much time, but it will perfectly even out the tone and make the facial features more expressive.

Makeup without makeup
Photo @paradox

2. Dark lipstick

A lip accent created with a dark shade of lipstick is a great choice for an evening look. It is best to make your eye makeup neutral to avoid the effect of congestion.

Dark lipstick
Photo @roseinc

3. Ruddy cheeks

A light blush refreshes makeup well and gives the skin a rested look.

Rosy cheeks
Photo @nikki_makeup

4. Classic arrows

Elegant hands are a great way to add expression to your look without the need for a lot of makeup. This makeup will be appropriate for the office and for a romantic date.

Classic arrows
Photo @nikki_makeup

5. Colored arrows

Bright arrows will help diversify your makeup. For every day, such a make-up option, most likely, will not be entirely appropriate, but for a fashionable party it will be just right. Both bright neon shades and gentle pastel colors are relevant.

Colored arrows
Photo @brittanyxavier

6. Natural eyebrows

Perhaps everyone has heard that clear graphic eyebrows are no longer relevant for a long time. In 2021, the most natural eyebrows are in fashion, which can be combed with a brush and slightly fixed with a transparent gel.

Natural eyebrows
Photo @amandakhamkaew

7. Sequins

A great option for a festive or evening make-up is glitter makeup. They can be used on both the upper and lower eyelids, applied to the cheekbones or lips – it all depends on your imagination.

Photo @nyxcosmetics

8. Rhinestones

Another option for spectacular party makeup is rhinestones. They can be randomly arranged on the upper eyelid or neatly laid out in the shape of an arrow.

Photo @merton_muaremi_makeup

9. Monochrome makeup

Makeup in one color, which can be done with just one beauty product, is not only fashionable, but also practical in the era of smart consumption.

Many brands produce products that can be used for eyes, lips and cheeks at the same time – such makeup looks unobtrusive and fresh, and, most importantly, it is done very simply.

Monochrome makeup
Photo @millieroseloggie

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10. Effect of wet skin

Radiant, moisturized skin that seems to glow from the inside – this trend has been popular for several seasons in a row and in 2021 it still remains with us. To achieve this effect, use moisturizing serums, wet-finish foundations and highlighter, as much highlighter as possible.

Wet skin effect
Photo @lilyaldridge

11. Lip gloss

When it comes to the trend towards moist, glowing skin, one cannot fail to mention lip glosses. They look great in daytime makeup and remind of the atmosphere of the 2000s, which are now rapidly returning to fashion.

Lip gloss
Photo @glossier

12. Freckles

This trend looks especially good during summer vacations and vacations. Freckles like these can be done with a cosmetic pencil or henna for a longer lasting effect.

However, before carrying out the procedure, it is worth conducting an allergic reaction test so as not to harm the skin.

Photo @elizabethandreaa_

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13. Lilac shades

In terms of color, all shades of lilac will be particularly popular this year. Eyeshadows, blush, lipstick – cosmetic brands offer a huge selection of products in this delicate color.

Lilac shades
Photo @merton_muaremi_makeup

Use our tips and be irresistible!

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