Coloring hair: Which hair color suits me?

A hair color defines one’s own look – that’s why we should think carefully about which trend suits us. The hair and skin type you are plays a role in the choice of hair color, as does the structure of the hair.

Let’s start with the question: What is the difference between coloring and tinting? Which method we ultimately choose depends on the desired target hair color. A distinction is usually made between tinting, intensive tinting and permanent coloring. If you want to go blonde as a brunette, you need a bleaching or permanent hair color because the hair cannot be lightened with a tint.


A tint (durability level 1) is recommended to freshen up the hair color and give it more shine. The color does not penetrate into the hair structure, but is purely external to the hair. Therefore, a tint than a coloration is the most gentle technique for coloring hair. However, the hair cannot be changed or lightened greatly – gray hair is also not covered by a tint. Advantage: There is no annoying approach, because the tint washes out after about 8-10 hair washes.

intensive tint

In contrast to the normal tint, an intensive tint (durability level 2) contains chemical ingredients and the cuticle layer is slightly opened during application. This makes it more durable and lasts about 28 washes. As with normal tinting, there is no approach as the color gradually washes out. With an intensive tint, the hair is artificially pigmented, so the hair can even be lightened by a shade. Caution: Before applying the new tint or coloration, be sure to tell the hairdresser how long it has been since the last tint, because the color pigments that have settled can lead to nasty surprises.


The permanent hair color – also called coloration (durability level 3) – is suitable for extreme color changes or to cover white or gray hair. The color penetrates deep into the hair, cannot be washed out like with tints, but remains permanent. Disadvantage: The permanent color creates an approach. The color pigments are mixed with an oxidizing agent. The stronger the agent, the more the hair is damaged. It is therefore important to use hair care products for colored hair.

If you already have colored hair, you cannot make it lighter by adding another color. This is only possible with bleaching, in which – in contrast to coloring – color pigments are removed from the hair. Although bleaching can bleach hair up to eight shades, the chemical process is very damaging to hair.

Important: Think carefully about whether you really want to color your hair, because colored hair is difficult to color over with another color.

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