Complex carbohydrates are essential substances for the body

Simple and complex carbohydrates enter the body with food every day. The classification is based on the biochemical characteristics of these substances. Complex carbohydrates are absorbed by the body gradually and saturate with energy for several hours. Simple ones are absorbed quickly, but they also give a feeling of satiety for a short time.


Simple and complex carbohydrates

In dietetics and biochemistry, it is customary to isolate simple and complex carbohydrates. Their classification is based on their chemical structure, as well as the ability to give energy to the body. Simple carbohydrates are those that have a low molecular weight and can quickly make you feel full.

These are known substances:

  • glucose;
  • sucrose;
  • fructose;
  • lactose (milk sugar).

They come with sugar, fruits, some vegetables, milk and products based on them. Simple carbohydrates are quickly absorbed and release energy almost immediately. However, this “fuel” burns out just as quickly. Therefore, after eating chocolate or cake, a person is immediately satiated, and then again feels the feeling of hunger literally in 40-60 minutes.

Complex carbohydrates are devoid of these disadvantages. They have a higher molecular weight, are broken down slowly by the body and therefore provide energy much more slowly.

Complex carbohydrates - what are they and why do we need them?

The list of complex carbohydrates for weight loss includes the following substances:

  • Starch – it is he who is the main source of glucose. Contained in all cereals, potatoes, flour, many vegetables.
  • Glycogen – a complex carbohydrate that is synthesized in the body and stored “in reserve” in muscle tissues, as well as in the liver. It can be found in some fruits.
  • Cellulose – she’s fiber. It is not digested, but it provides a feeling of satiety and contributes to a significant improvement in digestion.
  • Pectin – food additive E440, used as a thickener (for example, in marmalade). Able to cleanse the body of semi-digested food and other toxins.

All of the complex carbohydrates on this list are absorbed gradually by the body and provide a long-lasting feeling of fullness. That is why they are often used for weight loss, for example, in the potato diet.

Complex Carbohydrates: Food List

In the list of foods with complex carbohydrates, you can find familiar to everyone cereals, vegetables and root vegetables. These are potatoes, buckwheat, oatmeal, whole grain bread and others. The table shows the carbohydrate content in grams, as well as the calorie content of the raw product per 100 grams.

Product, 100 gr. Carbohydrates, gr. Calorie content, kcal.
rice 79 350
buckwheat 69 350
oat flakes 68 390
whole grain bread 67 230
peas 60 350
durum wheat pasta 52–62 370
boiled corn 37 125
potato 17 77
beet eleven 50
pumpkin eight 27

Complex carbohydrate-based foods are used in almost all diets, as well as in the regular diet. Along with those presented in the table, these also include other cereals, vegetables, and root crops.

For example, healthy carbohydrates are also found in foods like:

  • cereals (barley, millet, corn, wheat);
  • greens (lettuce, parsley, dill, spinach);
  • cabbage;
  • legumes (beans, lentils, beans);
  • radish;
  • carrot.

The list of complex carbohydrates for weight loss goes on. The general idea is that it is desirable for those who are losing weight to consume up to 75% of complex and up to 25% of simple substances (based on the total amount of carbohydrates).

What does science say?

The benefits of complex carbohydrate weight loss products are clear, supported by numerous scientific observations.

Complex carbohydrate foods

For example, recently, Harvard Medical School conducted a study on 300 thousand people from 44 to 70 years old. Scientists monitored their daily menu and the development of diseases.

As a result, it was found that people who consume large amounts of confectionery, soda, jams and other unhealthy foods significantly increase the risk of death due to cardiovascular and other diseases. It is especially bad if these substances are regularly combined with fat – a classic example: coffee with sugar and cream.

Important! Research shows that eliminating simple carbohydrates entirely isn’t worth it. They serve as a source of “fast” energy. Therefore, for breakfast and a light snack, you can eat a little honey or a few pieces of dark chocolate. These products will help you regain your strength in minutes.

Complex carbohydrates are really good for the body. But this does not mean that you need to categorically give up sugar. It is important for those who are losing weight to maintain a balance in the diet according to the classic rules: 5: 1: 2 (respectively, proteins, fats and carbohydrates). In this case, the share of complex carbohydrates should account for up to 75% of food per day.

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