Congratulations to mom on March 8

Mom is a person who does not need a reason for a gift. Pleasant words, flowers and small surprises should accompany her every day, more than once a year. But March 8 is already a reason for an exceptional unusual gift, with which you can surprise her by showing a little imagination.

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Surprise for mom on March 8

  • Take care of all her household chores. Maybe, after all, mom at least once a year allows herself to completely rest?
  • With the help of your dad or other adult family members, prepare a holiday lunch (dinner). It will be good if it consists of her favorite dishes. And, of course, it’s better if this lunch comes as a surprise for mom. To do this, dad should send her to visit a friend, to the spa, or wherever she wants to.
  • While mom is away, you can create a solemn and romantic atmosphere in the apartment, decorating it in accordance with the spring holiday. We must not forget about table setting – candles, delicate napkins and crystal glasses will come in handy. As well as pleasant music.
  • Kids can arrange a festive concert for their beloved mother. Perform songs or read poetry.
    The main thing on this day is not the gift itself, but, of course, attention. Let your mother feel that she is your most beloved and beautiful. To give her a festive mood – what could be better?

Speaking about the gift itself, it is worth noting that not every child can afford to give something dear. Such surprises are best done in conjunction with older family members. But still…

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The most original gifts for mom on March 8

  • Limousine rental. Such a gift will definitely surprise her. It can be rented for a couple of hours (or for a longer time, depending on financial capabilities), decorated with flowers and, accompanied by beautiful melodies, take your mother for a ride to the most interesting places in the city or beyond.
  • Flowers, although they seem to be a trivial gift, they are pleasant for any woman and on any day. Are they needed? Of course yes! But let the flowers be not just a scanty bouquet bought from the hands of a grandmother, but a real floristic masterpiece. It can be like a custom-made bouquet of your mother’s favorite flowers, or a toy made of flowers – today such a gift is considered very fashionable and creative. See: How to keep a fresh bouquet for a long time. A toy made of flowers can be ordered in absolutely any shape. For example, in the form of a bear or a cat. Of course, such a gift should be taken care of in advance.
  • Balloons… Colorful balloons floating around the house with declarations of love will impress any mother. You can also add a huge heart and the inscription “March 8” from them.
  • Notes… This version of the surprise is very touching and is perfect for those who do not have the funds for an expensive material gift. On the notes, they write declarations of love, poems of their own (or someone else’s, in the absence of talent) authorship, memories or compliments. Further, the notes are posted throughout the house. Preferably, along my mother’s daily route. You can attach them to a mirror, to a refrigerator, put them in a cupboard, in a pocket of her bag or coat, etc.
  • If the purchased gift is not very large, you can think about original packaging… The packaging can be a large teddy bear with a pocket on the belly, a basket with flowers, a hand-painted box-box or “matryoshka”. “Matryoshka” is always a win-win option. A tiny box with a gift is placed in a larger box. Then another one, another … And so on. As long as the boxes are enough. The more there are, the more interesting. Of course, it’s better not to give mom much hope. It is not worth hiding a package of chewing gum in a “matryoshka”. But if there is a ring or a bracelet, mom will definitely not be disappointed.
  • Master Class. Surely, mom has a dream to learn something. Give her a subscription to a master class or courses. Maybe this is a decoupage technique, or the art of floristry? Or painting on glass? Who, if not you, knows better what mom loves.
  • Photos. There is no woman who does not love photography. Of course, giving a photo album is not relevant, unless it is created with your own hands using some of the modern techniques. Photos as a gift can be completely unexpected. This can be a custom-made photo wallpaper from mom’s vacation photos. Or a professional calendar poster collage from your family photos. You can also order the processing of your mother’s photo in Photoshop (let her appear in front of everyone in the form of, for example, a princess) and print afterwards on canvas. The main thing is not to forget about the solid original frame.
  • You can write for mom poem, negotiate with the musicians and record it on a disc.
  • Does your mom like modern prose and poetry? And her eyes get tired of reading from the monitor? Give her e-book, having downloaded in advance the most beloved mother’s works.

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