Contrast shower for weight loss and tone – how to use it correctly?

Slimming with contrast showerEveryone dreams of being slim. But each woman chooses methods of losing weight for herself individually. One is passionate about diets, the other – sports, the third chooses wraps, jogging and fasting days. And only a few people know about an easy and pleasant way to deal with extra centimeters – about a contrast shower.

Let’s talk about him.

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The benefits of a contrast shower for weight loss and tone – what is the miraculous power?

Of course, a contrast shower will not give you anything in one session.

But here is the course of procedures and the use of means that increase the effect of the shower – a real magic “pill” for the body. The main thing is to get involved in the process.

How does a contrast shower benefit the body?

  • Expands, and then – sharply narrows the vessels.
  • Changes muscle tone.
  • Accelerates metabolism and blood circulation.
  • Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, restores their elasticity.
  • Improves the functioning of all internal organs and immunity.
  • Increases skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Eliminates pimples.
  • Helps in the fight against cellulite, promotes weight loss.

What is the magic power of a contrast shower?

First of all, in training the whole body. Cells and blood vessels, tendons and muscles – everything trains! Which, in turn, leads to an acceleration of metabolism and, accordingly, to weight loss and calorie burning.

And there it is already a stone’s throw to the “girlish” elasticity of muscles and skin, and, most importantly, to say goodbye to cellulite.

Types of contrast showers – salon slimming treatments

How much can you reset? Nobody will give you an exact answer – everything is individual. Someone manages to lose 2-4 kg, someone – 10. The result depends on your lifestyle, nutrition, etc.

Choose your type of contrast shower and lose weight with pleasure!

  • Charcot shower. The essence of the procedure is in the point effect of a powerful stream of water, which “massages” the body from a distance of 3-4 meters. Ideal for combating obesity and cellulite. High results after completing the course in 100% of cases. Already after the 10th procedure, a feeling of lightness appears, fatigue disappears, volumes decrease and the skin surface is leveled. One “but” – only with the permission of the doctor! As, however, and any other type of this procedure. kontrastnyj-dush-dlya-poxudeniya1
  • Scottish shower. An option similar to the previous one in its scheme. Except that there are now two hoses with water – one with hot, the other with cold. The effect on the body itself is very serious, the jets are powerful – under a pressure of 2-3 atmospheres, the procedure time is no more than 6 minutes. The course usually consists of 15-30 procedures. This procedure is used only when the body is already accustomed to more gentle types of contrast showers.
  • Circular shower. Here the jets are powerful, but thin, and they are delivered horizontally. Water immediately affects the entire surface of the body with a pleasant tingling sensation for 5-20 minutes. The temperature changes from 35 degrees to 25 degrees. An excellent remedy for cellulite. This procedure is a success in spa salons. At home, the circular shower is replaced with daily hydromassage. The course is 15-20 sessions.
  • Vichy shower. A gentle version of the previous shower. The bottom line is the effect of a multitude of thin jets of sea water (mineral or thermal) on the body, “laid” on the couch. Feeling as if you are lying under a warm and pleasant shower. The angle of incidence of the jets and the temperature of the water are changed according to the purpose. Session time – 20-30 minutes.
  • Fan shower. In this case, the water supply is carried out through a special nozzle and under a powerful pressure not pointwise, but fan-shaped – and from a distance of 3 m.That is, more gently than, for example, happens with a Charcot shower and a circular one (approx. – pressure of 1.5 atm.). In this case, the patient makes slow turns around him 3 times during the procedure. The temperature is gradually reduced by 10 degrees from the initial 35. Course – 20 sessions.
  • Underwater shower. It is carried out in a whirlpool bath, which is pre-added with various additives to combat cellulite, essential oils and sea / mineral water. The result of this type of shower is the breakdown of adipose tissue, training of the venous system, improvement of blood flow and treatment of cellulite. Session time – 10 minutes.
  • Needle. Despite the name, the shower is not at all prickly, but very pleasant and soft. The bottom line is the effect of thin and sharp water “needles” (pressure – 1-1.5 atm.), Directed through a special “watering can” vertically or at a small angle. Session time – 5 minutes, course – about 20 procedures.

How to take a contrast shower for weight loss?

Indications and contraindications for contrast shower for weight loss

Agreeing to a contrast shower, because “you want to” is not the best solution. This procedure is curative and requires a doctor’s prescription.

It is useful for VSD and arrhythmias, cellulite and obesity, at the initial stage of hypertension, metabolic and gastrointestinal disorders, nervous disorders and even sexual weakness.

It should also be noted that this procedure is not suitable for everyone.

For example, it is contraindicated in …

  • Oncology.
  • Problems of the cardiovascular system.
  • Acute thrombophlebitis.
  • Diseases of the blood.
  • Impaired blood circulation in the brain.
  • Exacerbation of a chronic disease.
  • Tuberculosis in act / phase.
  • Menses. And bleeding tendencies.
  • Skin diseases.

How to lose weight with a contrast shower effectively and quickly – weight loss rules

The best time to shower is after you’ve done your morning exercises. It acts more effectively on the heated muscles of the soul.

And remember the rules …

  • The main rule is to consult a doctor! Ask if the procedure is acceptable for you and what kind of shower to choose.
  • Always start with warm water. – starting from 38-36 degrees. Next, we alternate this temperature with a lower one – 27-28 degrees.
  • The duration (with alternation) of a warm shower is 1.5 minutes, and a cool one – 30 seconds. Gradually, the temperature contrast is brought to 20-40 degrees and 3-4 alternations, 1 minute – under cold streams, about 3 minutes – under warm water.
  • The best time for the procedure is in the morning after exercising or a couple of hours before bedtime. If a contrast shower falls on the evening, then end it with warm streams, if in the morning – then with cold ones.
  • Total procedure time should be gradually brought to 10 minutes.
  • Cooling of the body with cold jets occurs exclusively from top to bottom.
  • After the procedure – active rubbing with a hard towel. Not soft terry, but hard – energetically, to enhance blood circulation.
  • It is not recommended to go outside immediately after your morning shower. At least half an hour should pass.
  • Even with excellent health, it is categorically not recommended to put your head under a contrast shower. This is fraught with pressure drops, colds and even meningitis. Be careful!
  • If you have started these procedures, do not stop. Regularity is the key to success and efficiency.

How to enhance the effect of a contrast shower?

How to enhance the effect of a contrast shower for weight loss

Of course, just a shower for weight loss and really effective burning of excess fat is not enough.

You need to completely revise your lifestyle, adjust the daily regimen / diet, introduce physical activity and, of course, enhance the effect of the procedure by all possible methods.

For instance…

  • We do the wrapping right at home using seaweed, chocolate, coffee, etc.
  • Don’t forget about massage. Both general and anti-cellulite will do. As well as lymphatic drainage and honey.
  • During the procedure, we use a sesame washcloth or a hand-held massager for additional stimulation of all problem areas.
  • After the procedure, we apply an anti-cellulite cream. Rubbing it in should take place with active massage movements.

The website warns: all the information provided is given for information only, and is not a medical recommendation. Before using a contrast shower, be sure to consult your doctor!

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