Correct affirmations for slimness and beauty

Have you seen the movie “The Most Charming and Attractive”? So, you probably remember the scene in which the heroines are engaged in auto-training. The heroine’s friend was really an excellent psychologist and was ahead of her time, because what she offered was nothing more than affirmations, that is, phrases that rebuild consciousness and help to gain self-confidence and tune in a positive mood!

Affirmations for slimness and beauty

How it works?

The more often a person repeats a thought to himself, the more he believes in it. The subconscious mind tunes in to a certain wave, which affects behavior and even appearance. For example, if you constantly think about the fact that you are overweight, and worry about this, you will not be able to lose weight. If you convince the subconscious mind that harmony has already been achieved, metabolism can literally change! Another example can be cited.

Surely everyone knows women who do not meet generally accepted beauty standards, but for some reason are wildly popular with men. Most likely, they are simply confident in their own irresistibility and behave like beauties. And those around them are imbued with this confidence.

We are what we think about ourselves. Will you consider yourself an ugly loser? This means that this is what you will become. Believe in your beauty and talents? You will achieve everything you want in life.


You should create affirmations yourself. After all, only you know what you really want.

Affirmations for slimness + and beauty how to make

In this case, you must adhere to certain rules:

  • do not use the particle “not”… Our subconscious mind does not perceive the particles of denial, therefore, for it, “I don’t want to be fat” is tantamount to a desire to get better. It is better to say “I am slim and light”, and sooner or later it will come true;
  • positive associations… The phrase should evoke a good mood and energize. If this is not the case, the desire must be reformulated;
  • brevity and simplicity… Keep affirmations short and concise. This will not only help you remember them, but also give you the opportunity to think carefully about what you really want;
  • faith in victory… You must definitely believe that you will be able to achieve the desired effect, and so it will be. If there is no faith, it is possible that the desire is imposed by society or loved ones. For example, if you have doubts about the phrase “I will get married this year”, maybe you are not at all eager to start a family, but your loved ones now and then hint that “the clock is ticking”;
  • periodicity… Repeat affirmations should be at a convenient time for you. There are no clear rules on this score. You can say phrases before going to bed, on the subway on the way to work, in the shower. It is advisable to do this at least a couple of times a day for 20-30 repetitions.

Correct affirmations

Affirmations for slimness and beauty are correct

Here are some examples of affirmations you can use in practice:

  • I love exercises that improve my body;
  • I am healthy and beautiful;
  • I like myself, attractive and sexy;
  • every day I become slimmer and more beautiful;
  • exercise strengthens my health and makes me more perfect;
  • I am approaching my ideal beauty;
  • I shine and attract others with my radiance.

Choose the right affirmations and come up with your own! If you believe in the result, then everything will work out!

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