Corrector for the face – how to use and which one to choose?

Face correctorHave you ever noticed that after applying the tone, powder and blush, there is still something missing in the makeup? The thing is that the complexion is worked out, and the volumes remain not emphasized, not obvious.

With the help of cut-off correction, you can change the proportions of the face in a favorable direction. This requires a product called a sculptor. Its other names are “dry proofreader”, “correcting powder”.

What is a concealer or a sculptor – as opposed to a bronzer

Sometimes you can hear the wrong name for such a product – “bronzer” or “bronzer”. However, the purpose of the sculptor and the bronzer is fundamentally different, so one cannot be used instead of the other.

So, dry concealer Is a pressed brown or gray-brown matte product with a powder-like texture. It allows you to add or emphasize a natural shadow on the face where it will make the features more harmonious.

Dry concealer

Bronzer it is a brown, reddish-colored product with a shine, it is used to create a tanning effect on the face. Therefore, it is fundamentally important to distinguish between these means, and to use each of them correctly.


Today I will tell you about the sculptor. Unlike creamy concealers, dry concealers are much easier to use.

How to use the face sculptor correctly?

First, you need to remember where natural shadows are present on the human face. First of all, these are the podzygomatic cavities and the lateral edges of the nasal dorsum. The more pronounced the cheekbones, the more slender the face appears. In the case of the nose, the thinnest back makes it tidier.

So, by adding shadow in these places, you will make the face slimmer and more prominent. To do this, you need a large round or beveled natural bristle brush.

Apply the sculptor to the face

It is necessary to apply after working on the face with a foundation, concealer and powder:

  • Take a brush, apply a sculptor to it, brush it off slightly.
  • With a brush, brush over the sub-zygomatic cavity, starting from the side of the ears. To find the cheekbone cavity, it is enough to purse the lips and move them to the side as much as possible: the line will become clear and noticeable. Blend the sculptor well around the edges of the application.
  • Apply the product gently to one side of the bridge of the nose and then to the other. Blend the sculptor along the borders of the application. It is necessary that the distance between the lines of application of the dry concealer be no more than 5 mm, otherwise there will be no effect, and the makeup will look dirty.

Black-and-white nose correction it is not recommended to do it for people with a hump on the nose, as it can add unwanted relief.

Video: Black-and-white face correction

Best Corrective Products – Top 3 Facial Sculptors

A good product of this type should have a cool tint to avoid looking “reddish” and unnatural on the skin. It should also be easy to apply and shade, but not crumble.

I recommend choosing any of these three correctors for daily use.

1. Blush NYX in shade Taupe

The product is produced as a blush, but even the manufacturer himself recommends using it as a sculptor.

NYX blush in Taupe

The corrector has a gray-brown undertone, which looks as natural as possible on the face.

Perhaps his only drawback – this is fragility: if not properly transported or dropped, the product may spill inside the package.

The sculptor costs about 650 rubles

2. Relouis Pro Sculpting Powder universal tone 01

The sculptor of the Belarusian brand has a light shade, which will create a delicate, weightless, but at the same time quite noticeable shadow on the face. This product has a warmer color compared to the first product (NYX Taupe).

Relouis Pro Sculpting Powder universal tone 011

The corrector is firm enough to not fall apart when dropped, but should still be handled with care.

Its particular advantage is its low price and high quality: the product costs about 300 rubles

3. HD INGLOT Sculpting Powder in shade 505

This is a more expensive tool, but its consumption is minimal. A gray-brown shade will suit almost any girl.

The sculptor is distinguished by high durability, ease of application, the ability to easily and cleanly shade.

HD INGLOT Modeling Powder

Since it contains reflective HD particles, it will be a great option for use in makeup before a photo shoot: in photos, the shadows on the face will look even more beautiful.

The cost of the funds is 1200 rubles.

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