Crazy degree of love of Nastya Ivleeva and Eljay

A love story of two extraordinary people who have proved that you shouldn’t shout about your love to the whole world.

Nastya Ivleeva is a blogger with a multi-million army of subscribers (16.5 million on Instagram). Aljay is a Russian hip-hop artist, whose name everyone heard in 2017, when the track “Rosé Wine”, recorded together with Feduk, sounded from all speakers.

It would seem that two different people from different spheres … What connects these two people? This is for us to find out.

I love you 360O

Nastya and Aljay’s romance was first discussed in June 2018. This happened after both media personalities simultaneously posted on Instagram a joint photo with the caption “360O“. As it was later noted on the network, Aljay thus announced not only a new relationship, but also his new track. Nastya, whose number of subscribers is at least 5 times the number of Aljay’s subscribers, made him a kind of PR.

The couple’s acquaintance, according to sources, took place at the Eljay’s concert, where Nastya came with her friends. After the event, Nastya was introduced to the singer by friends.

The degree of love of Nastya Ivleeva and Eljey
Photo Instagram @_agentgirl_

Magic withantimeters

A lot of noise was made by Yuri Dud’s interview with Nastya Ivleeva, which came out last spring. Yuri, who had not previously touched on such topics, talked with Nastya about her personal relationship. Naturally, we were talking about Aljay. This interview was spread by memes on the Internet, for example, when Nastya showed the size of her lover’s manhood.

On the question of Yuri Dudya “What is so cool about the Elj”, Nastya, after thinking a little, answered: “That’s it.”

The degree of love of Nastya Ivleeva and Eljey
Photo Instagram @_agentgirl_

18ct engagement ring

In May 2019, Nastya Ivleeva intrigued everyone by posting a photo of two passports and an inscription in English “Honeymoon” in her stories. The fans thought that Nastya and Aljay had played a secret wedding, but Nastya was silent, like the singer.

In the fall of 2019, photographs of documents appeared on the network indicating that Nastya Ivleeva was registered as an individual entrepreneur. But attentive fans noticed the name that was indicated in the documents – Uzenyuk (Elj’s real name).

Later, Nastya still confirmed that she became Elj’s wife. She posted a photo with the caption “Husband”.

The blogger revealed all the cards on the show “Evening Urgant”. She said that Aljay proposed to her on her birthday, March 8th.

According to Nastya, they did not want to make a big celebration, so they came to the registry office in sweatshirts and jeans. The newly minted couple celebrated the celebration at home by buying a bottle of wine. The girl showed the presenter a huge engagement ring with the words: “when you have an 18-carat ring on your hand, it’s nice to feel like a wife”.

The degree of love of Nastya Ivleeva and Eljey
Photo Instagram @_agentgirl_

What about children?

Naturally, fans are interested in whether Nastya plans to give birth to a child. After all, her close friend, Ida Galich, not so long ago gave birth to a son. But Nastya does not plan children yet: “I still want to accomplish so many things, so I don’t want to tie myself to anyone yet. Children are great, of course, but I’m not planning yet. “

Romantic confession

Aljay and Nastya Ivleeva are exactly those stars who do not advertise their personal lives, because “happiness loves silence.” We know that the couple is doing well, because both Aljay and Nastya periodically post joint photos. And on March 8 this year, the singer made a romantic gift to his beloved.

At a concert in Novosibirsk in front of a crowd of thousands of people, Aljay confessed his love to Nastya:

“Happy Birthday baby. I love you!”

The degree of love of Nastya Ivleeva and Eljey
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