Crying in a dream or waking up in tears: what can this mean

Crying is a natural bodily function or mechanism that allows you to release your emotions. To some extent, tears are liberating because they allow you to calm down or remove a stone from your soul.

Please note that when you watch heartbreaking sad or, on the contrary, romantic scenes in the film, you may cry or even burst into tears. The fact is that in this way we release all our inner tension, pain and disappointment. After crying, we feel empty and even slightly tired, but at the same time we are much easier and calmer. But what can it mean to wake up in tears or cry in a dream? How bad is it, and should you be wary?


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Waking up in tears

When you wake up in tears, but do not remember what you saw in your dream and what upset you, this means that you subconsciously suppress and drive inside your emotional wounds and mental trauma, which you definitely need to deal with. You need to analyze what worries you so much and solve all the problems. Suppressed negative emotions only bring more suffering and hinder your progress and development.

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A dream in which you cry from grief, resentment and pain

In such a dream, your unconscious is itself letting go of repressed emotions, fears and sadness. This is a good sign, and you don’t need to cheat yourself. Dream specialists also say that such a dream signals disorder or stagnation in intimate life.

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The dream in which you cry with happiness

When in a dream you cry with happiness, it means that it is high time for you to be very attentive to your infallible intuition, instead of habitually ignoring it. If you have an important decision to make, close your eyes, calm down, and sit in silence. Listen to your heart, and it will definitely give you a hint.

A dream in which you see another person crying

Such a dream most often means acquaintance, interaction and cooperation with some interesting, advanced person who can enrich your life morally and materially. This is a new love, a new colleague, or a new good friend. Don’t miss out on all the benefits that this relationship can bring you.


A dream in which a child cries

If you dream of a crying child, don’t worry. This is not a bad sign, but quite the opposite. You should expect some surprises and pleasant surprises, mainly in your personal and family life.

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